Saturday, February 28, 2004


Sherman N. from Tennessee, who has "last meal" experience...

I had a last meal before I had Brain Surgery. 20oz T-bone Steak salad ice tea fried potatoes lemon pie
I was strapped to the gurney like being executed tubes insertated. I thought I was in the execution chamber when the Doctor said do I have any last words. Like death row I gasped for air and went to sleep. I woke up after 12 hours of surgery. I am here. It sure was scary.

Stacy, from the armpit of kansas

one large bowl of extra thick homemade white frosting with almond extract in it...sabayon (champagne custard) with sliced strawberries mixed in.) chocolate, lots of it, godiva..hershey's...i don't care, as long as it resembles chocolate. unfiltered lucky strikes like i used to smoke, what the hell, i'm gonna die anyway. a pound of jimmy dean sausage, sliced and almost burnt, a pound of peppered bacon, extra crispy, light toast and mustard for bacon sandwich. A bag of marshmallows, and 2 cherry mash candies.

S.L. from parts unknown..

Mine would be a number 1 value meal from McDonald's, a Snickers bar, and a 2 liter Big Red!

David T, from Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Shredded celeriac in a simple vinaigrette with a dry sherry.
Kasha varnishkas and any roasted root vege, maybe both beets and yams in reduced orange juice and cinnamon
sticks, with a glass of tawny port.
A small handfull of roasted pecans.
Bing cherry soup.
Caffe d'orzo with a shot of Drambuie, served with a
glazed petitfour of spice cake.

And, now for something completely different...

Chris O'C. from Diamond Point, NY

My last meal would include a bevy of menu items. First I would start with sautéed midget in knuckle head sauce with just a hint of walla walla bam bam spice. Then I would move on to the piece de resistance : Cajun chicken nuts with a sweet buffalo sperm glaze. And after that hearty feast, I would finish it off with a classic butterfly wing mousse and a scoop of doggy pop ice cream. Oh, to die for. And then, if permitted, I would light up a Cuban. Not a cigar ... a Cuban ... might smell a little bit ... but oh the flavor.