Tuesday, March 02, 2004


S, Los Angeles CA
My Last Meal: An ED roll (calamari) chopped, Baked halibut over steamed vegetables from Spain's Moonlight resturante (by the Alhambra), Fine Sangria from Andalucia, Almond Roca, Fried Green Tea icecream


Tamara in Houston, Tx:

A huge waffle from Amy Ruth’s, Ultimate Cheeseburger, large McDonald Fries, a coke, Avocado eggrolls from the Cheesecake Factory, rum raisin ice cream & 1 slice of hamburger & black olive pizza from Papa Johns, General Tso’s chicken & steamed white rice! YUM!


Sass from Santa Monica

If I could have alcohol, I’d like to start off with a pitcher of white Sangria (with fruit in the glass to stir around and chew on while I got sloshed)…

Instead I’ll have:

A perfect egg sandwich: 2 eggs scrambled w/ Velveeta between two slices of rye toast, 1 buttered with a slice of fried ham on it, and the other smeared with whipped Philly cream cheese, sprinkled w/ Jane’s Crazy Mixed Up Salt.
A wheel of room-temp (runny) brie served with fig preserves, salted roasted almonds, a head of roasted garlic dripping with truffle oil, and wheat crackers;
Lobster (tail meat only, and plenty of it) w/ melted, clarified butter.
French onion soup w/ LOTS of cheese;
1 twelve pack of ICE COLD cans (12 oz.) Diet Sprite;
1 LARGE box of Stouffer’s Mac & Cheese (done so the edges are crispy) with Heinz ketchup.
1 A&W Root Beer float with Breyer’s Vanilla Bean ice cream and a straw;
2 Chicken Cosmo sandwiches from the Penn State University food halls with extra pickles;
3 slices from the Pizza House where I grew up (Ambridge, PA) – extra cheesy, Sicilian crust, with sliced fresh mushrooms;
2 Beef MexiMelts (Taco Bell) with sour cream;
Buttered wide egg noodles with cottage cheese;
Bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal with whole milk and sliced banana;
1 Medium order of McDonald’s French fries (more Heinz ketchup);
Pint of homemade Butter Pecan ice cream;
Slice of almond cheesecake with cherry pie filing on top;
1/2 lb. bag of peanut M&M’s;
Marzipan in the shape of a strawberry – 2 pieces;
3 Krispy Kreme chocolate iced, custard-filled doughnuts;
3 pieces Rocher (Hazelnut & chocolate candies);
Handful of my best friend’s chocolate chip cookies with nuts;
1 huge, perfectly ripe peach;
1 fortune cookie – fortune MUST be fortuitous;
Gallon pitcher of southern-style ‘sweet tea’ (with lemon and mint) to wash it all down with;
3 Cinnamon Altoids…
and 6 Vicodin –
Nighty night!

(Wonder what the calorie, fat and carb counts would be on all that?!)


MLS from Houston, Texas

Appetizer: Piping hot escargot.
Salad: Grilled shrimp Caesar Salad with extra Dressing
Main: Fresh Maine Lobster with x-tra drawn butter, shrimp scampi & Chicken (from a happy chicken farm) Cordon Bleu (extra swiss)
Sides: Garlic roasted mashed potato, asparagus with hollandaise sauce & Sautéed Mushrooms (loaded with garlic & onion)
Dessert: Crème Brule

I know you are not allowed alcohol, however, I would lower my standards (I am about to be killed so who cares?) and offer the warden some hot sex in exchange for one bottle of Merlot and some Xanax.


Monica C. New Mexico

2 sausage McMuffins with egg and cheese, Snickers bar and a large Dr. Pepper. Med. Pizza Hut pan pizza with
breakfast bacon, green chile (new mexico), and mushrooms, 2 liter of Pepsi and 2 chicken breasts from
KFC--one original, one extra crispy. 1 Large bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos with jalapeno bean dip. 2 Slippery
nipples--butter shots and Baileys and an Oreo pie crust.


Jug from Down Under

hot moreton bay bugs and prawns with a garlic dip,a bag of doritos corn chips (1 bag of each flavour)greek sald(plenty of black olives and feta cheese)a bag of spring onion crisps,home made lentil soup(like my mum makes)a joint and a bottle of vodka to wash it all down.oh and gallons of irn bru to mix with the vodka!plenty of ice
and ill pass on the dessert as im watching my waistline!!


Nicole , Elmwood Park, NJ

1. One 7lb Lobster from Maine complete with a large bowl of hot melted butter
2. 6 Pillsbury flaky layered biscuits
3. 2 Big Macs
4. 2 Super size fries from Mc Donalds
5. 4 pieces of sushi
6. Small bowl of cream of broccolli soup
7. 2 Hot Dogs with chili, cheese, ketchup, mustard, relish, and kraut
8. 6 Jumbo shrimp cocktail
9. 6 Buttermilk pancakes, 3 fried eggs, 6 strips bacon, 2 slice toast, 4 cheese blintzes. Dont forget extra butter, extra mapple syrup!!!
10. 2 home baked brownies-no nuts
11. 1 slice pecan pie
12. 1 giant wedge of baklava
13. 4 Portugeuse pastry
14. 1 slice cherry cheesecake from Juniors
15. 1 can whipped cream
16. Bagel with cram cheese side of Nova Lox
17. 2 large smoked whiting fish
18. 1 pond of Godiva chocolate truffles
19. 1 Beef Gyro
20. Gallon of milk
21. 2 Bottles Diet Pepsi
22. 2 Bottles Mountin Dew Code Red
23. 1 Bottle Canada Dry Gingerale
24. 6 Cans welchs strawberry soda
25. 1 Slice cheese pizza with sausage
26. 1 bag baby carrots
27. Box of creamed spinach
28. 3 cups hot chocolate
29. 1 entemans black out cake
30. Side of Justice
31. 6 Joints
32. Bottle of Baileys with plenty of hot tea and sweet and low