Thursday, March 04, 2004


John N. from Tampa Florida,

My last meal would be: 20 packs of grape pop rocks,a 6 pack of jolt cola,1 shot of goldschlager,10 vicodens,and 2 marlboro lights.


Wendi from Chicago...

For starters I'd want Saganaki and cream of chicken rice soup with lots of lemon. Then, a greek salad with lots of dressing and extra feta cheese. For the main course ( courses?) I'd want a pound of snow crab legs, the artichoke and gorgozola stuffed filet mignon from Stega Nona..... as bloody as it can get, a 6 inch tuna sub from subway with lettuce, tomato, pickles, cucumbers, black olives, onion, cheese, mayo, mustard, red wine vinagrette dressing and extra vinegar, an egg mcmuffin, beef rice a roni, kraft macaroni and cheese, an order of nachos from ranalli's extra sour cream, no beans, 1 warm blueberry waffle ( the frozen kind) with butter and syrup, and for dessert, fresh raspberries with whipped cream, 6 double stuffed oreos, 2 krispy kreme glazed donuts, 1 warm brownie and piece of cake with lots and lots of buttercream. And to wash it down and endless supply of Sprecher's root cold. And of course a few soma and valium to make it fun.


Rick G. from parts unknown...

Large bowl of cooked cabbage
Large bowl of sour kraut
2 large bowls of bbq baked beans
2 large bowls of chili
Bowl of Garlic Broccoli
4 chili cheese burritos from Taco Bell
4 big bean burritos from Taco Bell
2 Whoppers from Burger King
1/2 gallon Chocolate Milk
1/2 gallon Egg Nogg

If I had to suffer through an execution, everybody else should too!


Bruisd P. from parts unknown..

breakfast: lucky charms and milk...and a glass of orange juice
lunch(?): frosted mini-whats (dry)...wheat melba toast and gouda cheese...and lots of water
dinner: 4 spring rolls and a vietnamese peanut sauce...and lemonade


Toeknee from Poway, California and this is what I have on my birthday!

Turkey sandwich, with MELTED jack cheese on an onion roll, with tomato and mayonaise. Home fried potatoes, and onion rings. Spinach ravioli with butter sauce. Peanut butter chocolate milkshake.