Monday, March 01, 2004


Richard B. - Houston, Texas

Fillet Mignon - Medium Rare, thank you! Boiled Maine Lobster, boiled potatoes and corn, 1 gallon of drawn butter, 64 oz. of New England seafood chowder, and a fifth of Jack Daniel's
to help wash it all down and soothe my nerves...then, a stay of execution that lasts long enough for me to get, yet, another final meal! YAY!


Lisa D. of parts unknown....

Olive Garden stuffed mushrooms, Hooters Hot Wings, Olive Garden Manicotti, Pizza Hut Ham and Pinapple Pizza, Carvel Ice Cream Cake, a bowl of gumbo complete with king crab legs, shrimp, chicken, sausage, okra, corn, etc.
After a big dump and a short nap, I'll have: Lobster tails with butter garlic sauce, shrimp fried rice, fried red snapper fish, Philly cheese steak (from philadelphia; no substitutes), a nice hot peach cobbler (made by an old African-American lady from the deep south; no substitutes) topped with Breyer's Vanilla Ice cream, Iced Tea with Lemon (pitcher, with lotsa ice), and ice cold milk...


Roger from Virginia (we're #2 in executions, keep looking over your shoulder, Texas)

The menu: Two dozen freshly steamed oysters on the half-shell with saltines and hot cocktail sauce, hush puppies (don't forget the onions), a big plate of dripping french fries (damn the fat grams, I'll be losing that 21 grams soon anyway), a six-pack of ice cold Dos Equis and I'm ready to go.


From Andrea in Kentucky...

Oysters on the half shell with Blair's death sauce and lemon on the side, Crab legs with garlic/butter dipping sauce, A baguette of french bread, Warmed brie cheese, A Cuban cigar, A gallon of Merlot


Now for something completely different...

JIMMY the Rude Boy from parts unknown...

A 1/4 pound Cameron Diaz fur burger, Roasted breast of Reese Witherspoon, with a side of toasted Heather Grahams. And for desert a chocolate malted milkshake with peanut butter/chocolate icecream.