Thursday, April 08, 2004

READER'S LAST MEALS...Thursday Edition...

Jason LaR. from parts unknown...

My last meal would be :

2 teriyaki beef sticks hot off the grill, 2 crab Rangoon, 2 spring rolls, homemade Chinese hot mustard, 1 california roll ( no caviar ) with wasabi and pickeled ginger, 2 dozen shrimp scampi ( red lobster style, no pasta), ¼ lb fried pork with bean stew and yellow rice, 1 rack of hickory smoked baby back ribs, 1 pt of hickory smoked bbq baked beans, 1 pt of homemade mac & cheese, 2 slices of new york style pizza ( just cheese, extra greasy ), 1 slice of new york style cheesecake with strawberry topping and whipped cream, 1 pt of edy’s strawberry sorbet, 2 cream puffs, and éclair, and 2 cannolis (1 chocolate, 1 ricotta with chocolate chips and a cherry ), 2 liters of ice cold a&w root beer &2 liters of ice cold black cherry soda.


Jane W., Warwick RI

1 BLT (white bread NOT toasted, crispy bacon, mayo on both pieces of bread), 2 Jumbo baked stuffed shrimp, shrimp cocktail with lots of cocktail sauce, a box of See's Candies--preferably the truffles!

A tall glass of Jim Beam and ginger ale…..


Edmond J. O'N. from parts unknown...

Appetizer: 1 dozen Clams on a half shell and a giant roast garlic,
Soup: Japanese Miso Soup
Main Course: Haggis, brussels sprouts, sauerkraut, black pudding, scrapple, and 6 devilled eggs
Beverage: 1 pint of Guinness Stout and black coffee
Dessert: Butter Pecan Ice Cream and Apple Pie
1 Big Ass Cigar and a B&B Liquor


Wet Bandit2003 from the Wetlands!

I would like to have to have 1400mL of Acetic Acid,(vinegar) and 520 g of Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking soda) and two corks. I would first drink the vinegar, then swallow all of the baking soda, swallow one cork, and stop my rear end with the other. I would then jump up and down rigorousely. The nice little chemical reation will create a lot of CO2 gas and BANG!!!!!!!! I explode!!!!!! I just saved the prison money on their electric bill!!!!!


Tony from San Diego, California

because it takes 3 days to make! (you've probably heard that one)

NO SERIOUSLY: Roast turkey sandwich, with melted jack cheese, mayo, and tomato on an onion roll. Fried potatoes and onion rings. Spinach ravioli. Grape juice, and chocolate peanut butter ice cream.