Monday, July 19, 2004

Reader's Last Meals...Let the feasts continue....
Jack C. from parts unknown...  
2 Thick striploin steaks bbq'ed with "BullsEye" bbqsauce, Mashed Potatos with Garlic. 2 Slices of bluebarry pie withwhipped cream. I pint of lemon vodka.
rob.f of somwwhere in GA.
The last meal would consist of: two bacon sandwiches on white bread with just ketchup, bacon needs to be crisp. One bag of Classic Lays potato chips with sour cream and onion dip.Large salad with romanie lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms, cheese, crutons, bacon bits, hot and sweet peppers, french dressing. One pint of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food ice cream, french silk pie, one liter of ice cold Coke. One pack of Camel filters, and a bag of the finest weed, and way I go!!!!!
Kuincey, WPB,FL

Menu:  1 lb Kalua pig, 1 lb Squid Luau, 1 pot cooked rice, 1 container Poi (Sour!), Beef Stew, 2 scoops each mac and potato salad, 3 whole 5 lb lobsters steamed and served with 1 cup drawn butter&lemon, 1 each Ahi, Ulua, Mahi, Ono, Onaga, and kumu fish Filets flame broiled, 1 container pork n peas (my mom's recipe), Fried chicken (x-tra crispy), 1 rack of babyback ribs w/ sweet n spicy sauce, Chicken adobo, 1 French apple pie, 1 Banana cream Pie, 1 jello cheesecake, 1 Chantilly cake, 3 Almond Joy candies,1 box Reese's P-butter cups, 1 pot Green Tea (xtra-hot), Iced Tea w/Lemon..I'll probably be dead before they can inject or gas me!