Wednesday, July 14, 2004

THE RETURN OF READER'S LAST MEALS...You folks must be gittin' hungery!

Amy, St. Louis, Missouri

Filet mignon, Pittsburgh rare (Ed. Note: What is Pittsburgh rare?), Lumpy mashed potatoes like Mom makes, Fresh green beans with bacon and onions, 6 cartons of Ben & Jerry's 'Half Baked', Grape Pez in assorted dispensers, Swedish Fish, Hairibo gummi bears, Hot apple pie ala mode--the whole thing.
Enough vodka & tonic to make me forget I'm about to die.


j.s. from alabama

-one beef taco with white cheese, fresh shredded lettuce, and a side of medium salsa with chunks of onion and cilantro
-one 16 oz new york strip medium rare seasoned with fresh ground pepper and sea salt
-one baked potato from red lobster
-one salad with ranch from outback steakhouse
-homemade spaghetti and meat sauce ( already tossed together)
-loaf of fresh french bread with extra butter
-loaf of bread from outback steakhouse with extra butter
-one maine lobster with hot butter
-coconut shrimp (all i can eat)
-shrimp cocktail served in a fancy glass with cocktail sauce in the middle
-large order of fries from mcdonalds must be hot and not completely done with lots of salt
-bottle of heinz 57 ketchup
-bottle of white wine Worcestershire
-salty dog made with grey goose vodka
-pint of cherry Garcia ice cream with chocolate sauce whipped cream and cherries
-my aunts homemade chocolate cake
-homemade peach ice cream
-gallon of sweet iced tea
-12 pack of coke classic
-pint of vitamin d milk


Robbin R., Phoenix Arizona

1 lb cut of Prime rib cooked med. rare, fresh cooked green beans with a hint of garlic.
1 baked red potatoe with butter sour cream and chives, salt and pepper to taste.A six pack of Coke, a pack of Marlboro 100's For Dessert 1 warm peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream.


Brent F. of Dallas, Tx

3 cheese enchiladas, rice, beans, flour tortillas, chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes. 1 gallon sweet iced tea. 1 dr. pepper. No dessert, too fattening!


Jennifer H. of Fort Lauderdale Florida

2 dozen steamed clam w/ melted butter.... 1 soft taco from taco belll w/ sour cream...guacamole.... ...1 cherry coke and a slice of greasy cheese pizza ... and a pack of marlboro menthol ultra lights andddddddd... a piece of german chocolate cake.

There you go. Much, much more to come.