Friday, September 10, 2004

Post-Labor Day Reader's Last Meals...

We have beau coup last meal's since our appearance on Tech TV's "Unscrewed". We would have informed you to watch had they told us when it was going to be they said us they would. Nevertheless, let the dining begin.

pattie d. from Liberty Boro, Pennsylvania

1 lb. Bacon..crisp, 6 slices white bread, Heinz Ketchup, chocolate-chip ice cream, 2 alka seltzers.


David B, Elberfeld, IN.

My Menu

Fried Apples
Fried Pears
Fried Pineapple
Fried Oranges
A Large pizza from Bernie's Market in Lynville, IN
A Large pepsi
a bottle of Jack Daniels
A marijuana cigarette (FAT BLUNT)
A vial of Acid

and a hooker.


Rafael F. Hartford,Conneticut

Bonelsss ribs
2 chesse burgers with bacon and lettuce.
baked potato
Seafood combination plate
Vanilla coke
2 slices of chesse pizza with stuffed crust
garlic bread
cheese cake


jim- gleniew, il....
extra lean corned beef, boiled potatoes with butter and fresh rye bread with seeds. also, a well done filet mignon with steak sauce and asparagus with melted white cheese on it. and a 2-litre of ice cold diet pepsi. for dessert: 1-dozen assorted pastries.


david g. from parts unknown...

5 Double Deckers from Taco Bell, 20 piece buckets of chicken from KFC, 10 large curly fries from Hardees, two 2/3 lb. burgers from Hardees and One by-pass surgery.