Sunday, April 24, 2005

THE COLLEGEHUMOR.COM version of Reader's Last Meals...(we got flooded when that site linked us! Kind of makes us worry about the state of humor in higher education, though.)

Steve, from Myrtle Beach, SC

my last meal should consist of:
1 bowl of oat bran cereal
2 scoops of cottage cheese on a fresh lettuce leaf
2 slices of pineapple
and a 20 oz bottle of Evian water

christall e. from parts unknown..

I would have a 8oz Filet Mignon medium rare with garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus, fried oysters and one slice of pepperoni pizza and for desserts a turtle cheesecake and then a diet cherry coke.

Diane from Beltsville, MD

2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Tall glass of whole milk
Chicken and dumplings
Rootbeer float

S. Blasdel..

1) A GOOD 24 0z. steak. (pure meat, well trimmed, no bones or shit like that)
2) At least 2 gallons of garlic mashed potatoes.
3) Artichokes, steamed leaves still on.
4) Best quality french bread there is.
5)Various fruit, especially bananas.
6)Baked potatoes
7) boiled potatoes.
8)Salmon (no dam skin on it!)
9)A baby. Thats right, a baby. I'm gonna go out in style!
10)An assortment of cheeses.
11)A selection of soft drinks (Pepsi products)
12) Various mineral waters
13)A chocolate cake (not some cheap ass store brand shit)
14) Grind up another baby and make me a baby smoothie.
15)A live band.
17) Also, I want an Aero Arnio ball chair to sit in the entire time.
18)Evian (not deer park of safeway brand)
19)At least one prostitute (at least)
20) Another baby for good luck
21) an assortment of mind altering drugs