Sunday, April 24, 2005


We posed a question pondering the movie that Richard Longworth was watching before he and his buddy blew off the heads of two young theatre workers starting the prime of their life. Well, ask and ye shall recieve (though not from Mark on the Longworth legal team).

Jimmy, who also expressed a desire to purchase a thong, sent the following missive...

You asked the lawyer for Richard Longworth to give some useful information like “What movie he was watching?”

Well, I found this while trawling the net….

They arrived at the West Gate Theatre at an unknown time. But he knows it was before twelve o'clock midnight. Upon entering the theatre, Longworth remembered seeing an employee, and, in fact, waved to him. Longworth and Rocheville walked around inside the theater for a short time, and believed the two of them went inside where the movie Dances with Wolves was playing. Longworth remembers that when they entered the theater through the front door, there was no one in the ticket booth. And accordingly, they walked in without having to pay.”

There you go folks..."Dances with Wolves." I think that answers alot of questions.

Thanks, Jimmy and I have to look, but I think you can buy a thong without Paypal. I would send you mine, but it is currently in use.