Monday, December 12, 2005


Sofia H. from parts unknown...

I´ll have one burger with fries and a steak with barbecue sauce and roasted onions. A can of Kentucky fried chicken, a slice of kebabpizza, some fried chicken with curry sauce and a large coke. Then you can execute me all you want, Texas! Ha!

Diane from Beltsville, MD

2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Tall glass of whole milk
Chicken and dumplings
Rootbeer float

Cara R. from parts unknown...

t-bone steak with a large order of mashed potatoes with brown gravy, a large order of french fries from McDonalds, three Mountain Dews, a blooming onion, cheese sticks with marinara, Julio's chips with hot sauce,and a marlboro.

no meal requested

idiot jerk from somewhere

AEgean MEdusa, Brooklyn New York

An 8oz Steak with steaksause, mash potatoes, corn, a piece of corn
bread, a small Sushi Set (with some eel, some crab rolls, sashimi, with
soy sauce and wasabi), Oo-Long Tead with HOney, and a Mountain Dew Code

..followed by one New Port 100 Cigarette

JoanneVL from parts unknown....

If I am ever convicted of killing anyone and facing death by state mandate, I'd be too indisposed to actually eat. But...if I know I am going to die and can have a choice about my last meal, I choose this:
Please provide candles, lavender roses in a silver bowl, Irish linen damask tablecloth and napkins; Kirk Repousse' silver flatware as well as silver serving dishes; Waterford Crystal, Kinsale pattern; and Wedgwood China, Icing pattern.

Watercress salad with apple vinaigrette dressing

Sherry-roasted Rock Cornish game hen w/ wild rice and Asparagus Hollandaise
Krug champagne (make an exception about the liquor, please) and please chill the glass.


Teaberry Ice Cream (available at Heisler's Cloverleaf Dairy Farm in Pennsylvania)

Rose tea (not rose hip; rose)

Bailey's Irish Cream Liqueur

And, just before they strap me down, a cup of Lavender tea, please. I shan't need a sedative as Lavender tea is very calming.

Please allow me time to write thank-you notes to the chef and the attendants for my last meal's service before bringing in the Lavender tea.