Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Dear DME

What if one orders on death row as a final meal something involving
peanuts, knowing full-well one is allergic to peanuts? Would the prison
guards attempt to save your life from the allergic reaction, and then
kill you anyway? Or let you just die like that? After all, for many this
would be the one time it would make sense for them to try out their
'forbidden fruit' - of the peanut, I mean. Peanuts are delicious - even if,
sometimes, deadly.

Unfortunately, as you may have deduced, I myself am not allergic to
peanuts. Therefore, were I on death-row, this alas would not be an
option open to me. Having said that, fortunately I'm not on death-row. Yet.
Because, well, you never really know for sure about the future, do you?
Anyway this brings me to another question. I am allergic to penicillin.
Do you think they'd serve me penicillin as a last meal, rather than

Best wishes