Tuesday, February 07, 2006


April from parts unknown...

6 doz.shrimp and pork turnovers from the only bakery in china town chicago 2 orders of bob evans sausage gravy and biscuts one large supreme pizza no olives from 5 star pizza washed down with 2 2ltrs of diet mt dew and 2 pks of marlburo ultralight menthal and 35 mg morphine

JOHN N. of parts unknown...

A 14 ounce new york strip cooked medium rare at least a dozen icelandic (some people call them danish) lobster tails with clarified butter and lemon wedges.baked tater with butter and sour cream and at least 3 cheese garlic biscuits from red lobster.many mountain dews will be needed! I guess I could start this out with a salad but who wants lettuce at a time like this!!!bring on the calories.for dessert a huge piece of chocolate cake and a pint of godiva chocolate ice cream.and chocolate milk to wash my dessert down.

My last meal would be:
French Onion Soup,
Sauteed Lambs Kidneys on French buttered toast with wild mushrooms,
A full spit roast organic chicken,
4 extra Large portions of McDonalds Fries,
Cauliflower with creamy white sauce,broccoli sliced carrots and butter mash,
Diced roast potatoes with seasoning,
Homemade stuffing and gravy,
2 portions of extra large homemade apple pie with fresh cream and strawberries,
Ben and Jerries Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough,
A gallon of Coke,
6 Sachets of Ketchup 2
Extra large Caffe Lattes,
A chilled bottle of Parducci Chardonnay 2001,
Jude- Dublin Ireland

iainkayphd from parts unknown...

My last meal will actually begin in the afternoon with a 1-pound package of jumbo pistachio nuts, a pint of strawberry ice cream, a pint of chocolate almond ice cream and a pint of butter pecan ice cream. Finally, to cleanse the palate, a bottle of Evian water with lemon juice.

About 3 hours later or about 5 hours before my death, I’d like a large bowl filled with fresh spinach leaves and then 12 extra large cooked jumbo shrimp with a small dish of cocktail sauce and horseradish sauce. Next would come a large crock of French Onion Soup with plenty of cheese and bread crumbs baked to golden perfection. Next would be a large bowl of around 2 pounds of jumbo stone crab claws (ice cold) with melted butter and mustard sauce. Next would be a large bowl of oyster stew filled with jumbo oysters, baby clams, and bay scallops.

After a rest of about ½ hour, I’d like a medium rare English cut of prime rib of beef smothered in sliced mushrooms in a light gravy of red wine, a plate of baby lamb sliced from a large leg of lamb, 2 large baked potatoes served with butter and sour cream, a ½ pd. of tender asparagus shoots with hollandaise sauce, a nice 1” thick swordfish steak of about 2 pounds. Finally, a six-pack of Guinness Stout would be served at room temperature.

After another ½ rest will come dessert: a large piece of Boston cream pie, a large piece of lemon meringue pie and a large piece of blueberry pie with French Vanilla ice cream on top.

And during this wonderful dining experience, I would like tunes from the 1960s played as I dine wearing a comfortable T-shirt and running shorts and bedroom slippers.

Basil H. of parts unknown...

2 hard boiled Jumbo eggs
Half dozen boneless sweet-bbq Buffalo Wild Wings wings

Case of Yuengling