Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Today's mailbag....

From Mia Hardy who lives across the pond...

Have you no morals?

The reason why you are all bible bashing christians is bcs you raped and murdered to get the land you live on. In your mayhem and violence you think reading the Bible will exonorate and justify your actions. The reason why you are the only western country to have the death penalty IS BCS YOU NEED IT! Since your such a bunch of animals how else to serve your bloodthirsty ways and appetite. Then you glorify violence in all kinds of ways.....but wait.....now you have an enemy...the terrorists who are just like you. They love violence and justify it through religion, no wonder they are so attached to you. What a couple.
For every name you have up there and every joke you make about a death be it the victim or the perpertrator you and anybody who loves you will face the wrath of the man/woman that you say you worship the one they call God, YAHWEH or whatever its name is.

Thanks for the note, Mia! Let's answer your question...have we no morals?

Sweet Mia the definition of morals from dictionary.com....Morals: Of or concerned with the judgment of the goodness or badness of human action and character.

Well, good Mia. This site is the very definition of morals. We deal with nothing but the judgment of goodness and badness!

Perhaps, Mia, ole girl, a better question is have we no shame? And, judging from the deadmaneating thong (now 12 sold!) on the front page...some questions answer themselves.

p.s. We will let the irony of someone from England, with it's centuries of subjugation of natives peoples, defaming the U.S. and it's god-fearing folk pass for now.

Off to tea and cucumber sandwiches!