Sunday, April 23, 2006


I'd have a half-rack of spare ribs, BBQ sauce on the side, a Double-Whopper from Burger King, a bowl each of my mom's potato and noodle salad, a container of Sour Cream and Onion Pringles and three bottles of ice-cold Diet Dr. Pepper. For dessert, a pint of mint-chocolate-chip ice cream, partially softened (nothing worse than rock-hard ice cream) with a slice of chocolate cake.

Mckeesport, Pennsylvania

I think your site is killer. (No pun intended) lol...These people actually get to pick their last meal....They are not dying of Disease,accidents,Health Problems etc. etc....It brings up the question, "What would I eat if I had a Choice"
Anyway thumbs up to your web site. For the haters I say it's just like TV....If you don't like it, don't watch.......Later, Kyle

my last meal: You better put this on the website

name: Eric Hubert aka hubes
West Chester Pa

30 dill pickles- no garlic
2 warm rolls with country crock spread
2 peices of plain cheese cake
2 double cheeseburgers
1 large BK fries
1 chicken ceasar salad from henderson high school
2 propel melon flavor drinks
1 candy necklace
1 bad choclate covered pretzels
10 chicken taquitos
1 carton pork fried rice
1 raw cucumber
potatoe jaunts from shady maple
devils food chocolaye cov ered donuts
skim milk
chocolate milk
chick-fil-a fries and chicken nuggets
1 circle jaunt from tacobell- as in the "it's good to go" commercial
one big bucking chicken from BK

thats it thanks

"Art K. from parts unknown...

Bring me a pot of strong Folgers coffee. "Hot as Hell, Black as Night."
Next a Duncan Heinz Chocolate Cake. Moist, no icing.
A 1/3 lb Hamburger fried on a griddle (lean, well done on a sourdough
bun) Just the meat and bread. Please.
A plate of Steak Fries. Soft on the inside crisp on the outside, no
A jar of sliced Jalapeno Peppers.
A bottle of Durkees Hot Sauce. 16oz.
A bottle of Heinz Catsup. 16 oz.
A jar of French's Mustard. 16 oz.
Salt and Pepper.
A 16 oz bottle of CocaCola bottled in Mexico. Room temp.
$5.00 to tip the waitress.
Good bye.

would be:
a pound each of RAW fish, salmon, tuna, mackerel, yellowtail, Ikura (salmon eggs), toro. Broiled lobster tail, scallops, calamari, crab all swimming in butter. Raw oysters, mussels, clams. And water.
then i am already in 'heaven'

marsha v.

Paul M. from parts unknown...

A bowl of manhattan clam chowder, 1/2 dozen oysters, breaded and fried with tartar sauce. Sirloin steak, medium rare, and two lobster tails, steamed and served with drawn butter. Roasted garlic mashed potatoes and 2 ears of peaches and cream corn on the cob topped with butter. One can of asparagus tips, heated and served on toast. A banana split and a nanaimo bar. 2 cans of coca cola. MMMMMMMMM! good bye cruel world!!

If I'm getting the gas, they're gonna have to pay for it! My menu consists of 25 steamed Maine lobster tails in clarified butter with garlic sauce. Maybe as a set-up I'd include 10 chili dogs with "New Castle Chili Sauce", onions and cheese....the best on the planet!

Andy from Mercer, PA