Saturday, March 18, 2006

A reader's BIG last meal...

TGI Fridays-Jack Daniels Ribeye w/extra Jack Daniels sauce &Loaded Mashed Potatoes
McDonalds-50 Piece McNugget w/BBQ &Sweet and Sour sauce, 6 Apple Pies
Kobe's Japanese Steakhouse-Imperial Dinner with Steak(medium), Chicken, and Shrimp with extra rice, Japanese Carrots, and extra shrimp sauce
KFC-Family Sized Potato Wedge w/Honey, 10 pc picnic feast w/macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, and corn on the cob 8 Apple Turnovers
Scotties Hometown Grill-Hot wings with ranch dressing, cheese fries w/ honey mustard and ranch dressing
Burger King-Whopper no cheese, chicken fries with sweet&sour and BBQ sauce
Cracker Barrell-All the country ham biscuits, chicken fried chicken with green beans, corn, and mashed potatoes&gravy
Chick-Fil-A- 16 Mini Chicken Biscuits, 8 Chicken Sandwiches with extra pickles, honey, mayonnaise, mustard, polynesian sauce, and chicken strips with polynesian sauce
O'Charleys-All the Pepper Jack Cheese Wedges with honey mustard, potato soup
Krispy Kreme-12 Fresh Glazed Doughnuts, 6 Chocolate Glazed and 6 Lemon Filled Doughnuts
Village Inn Pizza-Apple Dessert Pizza
CrossRoads-All the Cupcakes
Pretzel Time-16 Italian Parmesean Pretzel Dogs with Honey mustard
EggRoll Palace-65eggrolls w/duck sauce,hot mustard,and soy sauce
TCBY-Rainbow Cream
Maggie Moos-Ice Cream like hell
Pizza Hut-cheese sticks,meatlovers pizza,hot wings w/ranch
Giovannis-cheese bread w/marinara&ranch,med pizza w/extra cheese,bacon bits,mushroom,hamburger,and canadian bacon
Bojangles-Seasoned fries w/honey mustard
Red Lobster-3lbs crab legs w/butter
I need all the people in my family to make the following foods:
MS.Lily-Dressing&Gravy &turkey salad
Duncan-Brown sugar&mustard ham &chicken &rice
Grandma Thelma-Buttermilk Chocolate Cake& Meatballs
Grandma Bessie- Greens
Aunt Mang-Cheese Ball
Michele- Macaroni Pie and Sweet Potato Souffle
Rhonda- Chicken Casserole
Lucy-Fried Chicken
Aunt Shirley- Salad and Hot Wings
Cora Lee-Chocolate Pie
Mer Mer-Potato Salad
Sister Girl-Baby Red Potatoes
Aunt Tootsie-Chili Beans
Aunt Linda-Greens and Asparagus
Aunt Gina- Cherry Yum yum
Aunt Peggy- Heath Cake
To Drink:
Sheia's Koolaid, Aunt Tracies Tea, 2 Sundrops, 2 Diet Cokes, 3 Peach Nehis, 5 Sprites, 2 Mello Yello's, 3 Nesquick Strawberry Milks, 16 McDonalds Chocolate Milks, 3 Hot Chocolate and French Vanilla Mix, 3 cups of Hot Tea with milk and sugar, TGI Fridays electric lemonade, Scotties 10 cups of ice, Gallon of lemonade and Sweet Tea from chick-fil-a, purple alaska from o'charleys