Friday, February 29, 2008

WPaw Man from parts unknown...

If I had one last meal I would want 2 taco bell bean burritos with extra cheese and red sauce, a pepperoni and cheese pizza from amici's, a pint of rocky road from baskin robbins and a 2 liter of ice cold Pepsi

Basil W. of parts unknown...

Ugh, hello? Is this thing on? Hello? Hello? I just want world peace. Oh wait, speaking about peace, how about a piece of chicken-fried crispy, scrambled eggs, cheesy-grits, mac and cheese, meatloaf, butter-pecan ice cream and a diet Coke (must watch caloric intake). And some dark toast...Did I mention world peace?


My last meal would be:

Chips from the chip shop with chippy sauce ie Brown HP sauce mixed
with vinegar and salt - only available in east of Scotland;

Strawberry milkshake

Cadbury's chocolate esp Creme Eggs.

Champagne truffles and Baileys icecream (presumably alcohol flavoured
stuff not allowed on death row!)

Bon appetit!


A Scots Criminal Defence Lawyer

last meal, sam of calera,al

cheese sticks from pizza hut with ranch salad dressing,garlic cheese biscuits from red lobster,my late mother's turkey and cornbread dressing with cranberry sauce and gravy,my late grandmother's homemade vegetable beef soup,my late aunt's homemade mac n cheese,southern crunchy fried chicken,fried flounder,a large bacon cheeseburger with mayonaise,ketchup,lettuce,and grilled onions from wendy's,large fries from mcdonalds,homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, home made buttery sweet cornbread,slab of barbecue spare ribs from dreamland bbq in birmingham,al,paula deen's guey butter cake,blue bell vanilla homemade ice cream, and a case of 12 pack pepsis, ice cold

The last thing you'll ever eat- and all I see is fast food and brand
People's Epicurean tastes really do seem banal. In an effort to buck
trend, I'd like some stuff I never tried, as well as some old
favourites: it
should be obvious which is which.

Lark's tongues in aspic,
Beluga caviar,
Some of that coffee that passes through the digestive tract of the
Whale meat รก la mode,
Steamed asparagus,
Celery soup,
Olives (a big bowl, Queens, Kalamata, the lot),
Laver (seaweed)
Human meat, donated by some kindly soul, just for curiosity,
Assam tea prepared with milk as is the usual fashion in India,
A coconut,
A cake of some kind prepared with caraway and linseed.

And since it seems to be de rigeur, peach cobbler, pecan ice-cream and
ghastly soda or other. I don't want them but there seems to be a

Still loving your work,