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January 28, 2009

...he was recalling the slaying scene when prison officials began pumping in the lethal drugs....

Last Meal: Martinez had a final meal request of two fried chicken breast, two pork chops, seven flour tortillas, avocados and french fries.

The skinny: Martinez, 41, was executed for gunning down four people, including his ex-girlfriend and her two small children, during a 1996 shooting frenzy.

More skinny: One victim, a 27-year old mother of two, dated Virgil Martinez for a short while and then was victimized by his harassment. She told the trailer park landlord that she was afraid of Martinez, and that if the landlord saw him at the trailer park, she ought to call the sheriff's office.

The next month, she was found shot to death in front of her trailer park home, with 14 bullet wounds. Also found in the front yard was an 18-year old man with 7 bullet wounds. Inside, the woman’s two children, ages five and three, were found in their beds, dead from gunshot wounds:

Several close neighbors identified Martinez shooting the two in the yard. Ballistics revealed all four victims were shot by the same gun that was never recovered.

The 18-year old victim also identified the Martinez as the shooter. A police officer asked him, "Did the ex-boyfriend do this? Who did that?" Gomez answered, "Ex-boyfriend." He later died from his wounds.

The capture: The next day, Martinez called 911 from Del Rio, some 400 miles away. He said that he was hearing voices and needed medical attention. He was taken to Kerrville State Hospital for a mental evaluation. Two weeks later, authorities found that he had given them a false name and that he was wanted for the killings.

Police then searched his car and found a gun belt. A box designed to hold a 9mm pistol - the same kind of weapon used for the killings - was found in Martinez's room in his mother's home. The murder weapon was never found.

Prosecutors said Martinez faked the mental illness to avoid police.

Martinez had no priors.

Appeals: In appeals in the courts, lawyers argued unsuccessfully that temporal lobe epilepsy suffered by Martinez was responsible for the shooting spree.

Last words and such: The execution was delayed for about a half hour while Martinez' final appeals were being considered. When he was strapped to the execution gurney, he was asked - as all condemned prisoners are - if he wanted to make a final statement, and advised that he had only two minutes to make it. Martinez first expressed love to his relatives.

Next, he addressed the victim's sister:

"I know what you've been told and that's all a lie. (The 18-year old victim) killed your kids and sister. I know y'all love (him), but he was a violent man. I wish I would have shot him in the leg, then he would be here. Those investigators were just trying to convict somebody. My gun had a hair trigger. (She) told me to come and get my herb book and she went to the back of the closet. Her kids had asthma and I lent her the book. She said she would give it to me next time. She didn't want to break up; we still talked. She told me to come over. (The male victim) said, '(She) does not have the money for your book, so don't come over.' Me being a hot shot I went over there, and I had my gun. I had children and nephews where I lived, so I had to keep my gun in my truck for self defense. (She) invited me in her house, the kids were still awake, fixing to go to bed. I put the gun under my shirt and said hi to (the kids). (He) was there. He told (her) that 'he doesn't love you.' I didn't care ..."

He was recalling the slaying scene when prison officials began pumping in the lethal drugs.

Nine minutes later, he was pronounced dead.

Factoids: Martinez was the...

6th murderer executed in U.S. in 2009
1142nd murderer executed in U.S. since 1976
4th murderer executed in Texas in 2009
427th murderer executed in Texas since 1976