Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Hubes! from West Chester Pa

my last meal=
3 toasted everything bagels from wegmans with plain cream cheese, garlic salt, and tomatoes on top
1 large mcdondalds french fries
4 pieces of california roll with good sauce
1 chicken ceasar salad from henderson high school
1 bag of funions
2 chocolate devils food donuts
a glass of premade chocolate milk
2 bottles propel melon flavored
2 hoe hoes
1 big mac
a snickers baR
a payday
a take-5
a reeses big cup
pickled okra and tomatoes
hash browns
girlled cheese and bacon
mush from shady maple smorgasbord
snapple plumagranate flavored

From:The Bottomless Pit

Last Meal:10 Big Macs,6 large pizzas from Dominoes 2 with pepperoni,2 with extra cheese,2 with ham,San Fransico burritos,a plate of different sandwiches,chicken cheese enchiladas,steak and shrimp platter,steak quesadillas,20 KFC snackers,2 crave cases,popcorn shrimp,popcorn chicken,7 hotpockets,yellow rice,4 crunch wrap supremes,Mesquite chicken and bacon sandwich from Quiznos,shrimp w/ brocolli,beef w/ brocolli,general tso's chicken,12 egg rolls,30 chicago style hot dogs,deep dish pizza,bacon and cheese melt,8 tacos,chicken strips,buffalo wings w/ ranch sauce,tendercrisp bacon cheddar ranch,10 whoppers,Tostitos pizza rolls,5 cheesesteak sandwiches,strombolis,6 gyros,a plate of shish kabobs,sirloin tips,baby back ribs,spagetti,swedish meatballs,salisbury steak,chicken pot pie,chicken fried steak,ham,bbqed ribs,macaroni and cheese,stuffing,roasted chicken,corn on the cob,mozarella sticks,breadsticks,chicken tenders,chicken McNuggets,buffalo strips,chili cheese fries,fried potatoes,meatball parmesan,sloppy joe sandwiches,roasted porkloin,pork chops,garlic mashed potatoes,collard greens,grilled chicken chops,lunchables,steak-ums,onion rings,lasagna,tuna casserole,beans and rice,turkey bacon ranch subs,5 bagels with cream cheese,chicken alfredo,buffalo chicken sandwich w/ chipotle sauce,cheesy bread,6 calzones,slim jims,chipped beef n cheddar on english muffins,scalloped potatoes,roast beef sandwich from Arby's,pot roast,chilli cheeseburgers,veal parmesan,stuffed ricotta,Super Size Fries,King Size Fries,Biggie Fries,chicken fries,baked potatoes,nachos drenched in 5 different cheeses,spicy nachos,chicken nachos,beef nachos,virginia ham,,bbqed chicken breast,buffalo poppers,stuffed crust pizza,5 DiGiorno pizzas,a plate of empanadas,cuban sandwiches,fried shrimp,encharitos,souvlaki,chicken cheesesteak,5 star texas chili,7 chicken bacon wraps,pizza burgers,and buttermilk biscuits.
Dessert:10 different types of cheesecakes,chunky monkey ice cream,chocolate chip ice cream,cherry garcia ice cream,jell-o with whipped cream,apple pie,chocolate eclairs,boxes of jelly donuts,banana cream pie,white chocolate bars,all the desserts from Dairy Queen,banana fudge sundae,cherry crumb pie,blueberry cornbread,coconut custard pie,5 plates of following cookies: Oreo,Chips Ahoy,Oatmeal raisin,white chocolate chip cookies,and Italian Cookies

Misc:Party Mix,Cheez Its,Cheetos,Combos,All different chips,pretzels,big momma sausages,starburst,and Gushers.
Drinks:7-Ups,Sprite,Coke,Frosty,Hpnotiq,Remy Martin,Vodka,and Sierra Mist

I'm from Secaucus,NJ...
My last meal would be 2 larges pepperoni pizzas,chicken McNuggets from McDonalds,4 grilled chicken sandwiches,popcorn corn chicken and Triple Crunch Zinger sandwiches from KFC,fried shrimp and scallops,fried rice,cheetos,5 crunch wrap supremes,4 double decker supremes,ham slices,steak with easy cheese,bacon sandwiches,a bag of combos,a plate of pork hotdogs with lots of mustard,white castle burgers,macaroni and cheese,a bag of cheetos,a bowl of chips,pints of cherry vanilla ice cream,5 different types of cheesecakes,brownies,my mom's spaghetti,and a plate full of cookies

Nicole A. from parts unknown...

My own pot roast with gravy, baked potato with butter,
sour cream, cheddar cheese and bacon bits, Mixed
Vegetables, Loaded Nachos, A fruit salad with cream
cheese fruit dip, and cranberry and orange juice mixed
together with ginger ale! Second choice would be
stuffed shells with biscuits and salad with ranch dressing!

RLK 1959
spaghetti with meat sauce and parmesan cheese, tossed salad with blue cheese dressing, hot fresh bread with butter, sweet tea and strawberry shortcake.

Carrie, Colorado Springs, CO

Though I would be too Anxious to eat while awaiting execution, here is what I would want if I COULD eat:

A double order of coconut shrimp with extra dipping sauce, followed by a bowl of cucumber salad and a large plate of Pad Thai noodles with white meat chicken all served from "Wild Ginger" (the best Thai food in town) 1 pound of Alaskan King Crab Legs, served with a side of clarified garlic-butter, 2 pan-seared Jumbo Lump-Blue Crab Cakes served with a nice mixed -organic-greens salad with red-wine vinegarette and home-made croutons.
1 pint of Hagan-Daz Creme Brulee Ice cream, 2 chunks of the best emerald nuggets around served in a hand-blown glass bowl ;) one bic lighter, a large pitcher of Sun-tea, a pint glass full of crushed ice (for the tea) and a fresh sprig of mint to chew on afterwards.