Tuesday, April 04, 2006

March 29, 2006

...Kincy gloated as he watched a TV report of his crime...

Last Meal: Kincy, 38, had no final meal request.

The skinny: Kincy, a former pizza delivery man with an extensive criminal record, was executed for the robbery and slaying of a Houston-area man.

More skinny: Police discovered the body of a man in the bedroom of his home. He had been fatally shot in the head with a .25 caliber gun and stabbed several times. His home had been ransacked and a large amount of property had been taken, including his Honda Accord, pagers, stereo equipment, a television, a microwave oven, furniture, and a Ruger 9 mm pistol.

Hours after the killing, Kevin Kincy gloated as he watched a TV report of his crime. Buoyed by the news that police were hunting a white suspect — Kincy is black — the young career criminal brashly ticked off a list of what he had done right during the bloody robbery-murder of his cousin's boyfriend.

A witness testified that Kincy called her after the murder and told her he had shot the man in the head and put a pillow over his head and that Kincy’s cousin, Charlotte Kincy, also laughed and said she had stabbed the man.

The 31-year-old slaying victim, had worked for three years as an industrial hygienist at an Exxon refinery in Baytown and was the former boyfriend of Charlotte Kincy, the prisoner's cousin.

About two weeks later, an FBI agent ran the plates on a Honda Accord traveling about 100 mph on Interstate 10 east of Beaumont and determined it was the stolen vehicle. The ensuing chase covered some 30 miles and ended in Westlake, La., with a flat tire after Kincy crashed through a police roadblock as officers fired at him. Kincy denied any knowledge of the Harville killing, but items he threw out the window of the speeding car led police to his cousin, Charlotte. She pleaded to a 40-year prison term.

Police later recovered the stolen 9mm weapon at a pawn shop, pawned by a friend of Kincy's.

Kincy was on parole for delivery of cocaine when he was arrested.

Charlotte Kincy gave a complete confession, pled guilty and was sentenced to 40 years imprisonment.

Leading up to: The Texas Department of Criminal Justice officials scrapped media interviews with Kincy last week after they said he threatened prison staff.

During his time in prison, records showed he had more than 30 disciplinary violations.

Earlier in the day Kincy met with his mother. The visit with his mother marked the first time he had seen her since she was arrested last summer. Polk County authorities pulled her over after she left the prison and found about a pound of marijuana in her van. She contended she was duped by someone who disguised the package as a gift and the arrest was a continuation of harassment against her and her son.

Last words and such: In a brief statement, Kincy thanked his friends, supporters and family and mentioned several of them by name. "I love my children. I love my family," he said. "That's it."

Commit murder and find a wife: In the seconds before the drugs took effect, Kincy pursed his lips into a kiss and smiled and nodded to a Swiss woman who married him by proxy last year. The woman and a female companion from Germany wept. Kincy had met his wife on a death penalty Web site that seeks pen pals.

Barbara Raval, now 41, a divorced mother of three daughters who began writing Kincy in 1997. "He's an adorable person," she said last week. "You just have to love him. He's so much fun. He's just a good man." Raval, a Swiss citizen, charged that Kinsy received inadequate counsel and, like some other Texas inmates, is "being fast-tracked to the gurney by having attorneys that may not be competent to handle a death penalty case."

Factoids: Kincy was the...

12th murderer executed in U.S. in 2006
1016th murderer executed in U.S. since 1976
7th murderer executed in Texas in 2006
362nd murderer executed in Texas since 1976