Friday, October 18, 2002


Woman Accused of Biting Husband to Death

A Modesto woman was behind bars Thursday, accused of biting her husband to death.

Police say 45-year-old Kelli Pratt held her husband down and bit him repeatedly when he refused to have sex with her. Arthur Pratt, 65, died in the hospital six days later. Investigators say his body was covered with more than 20 deep tooth marks.

"Most of the bites were confined to his arms and his abdomen," said Sgt. Al Carter with the Modesto Police Department. "A few were very deep with major tissue damage. But a lot of them were the bites that you see where there's pressure points and there's bruising."

Homicide charges are pending the outcome of the toxicology results. Investigators say those tests could determine if the bites caused infections that killed Arthur Pratt.

As a former baseball card collector, I feel..THIS MAN DESERVES TO DINE!

'Relieved' PGW worker loses his job
Perhaps he had grudge against Whiz Kids

MAYBE THE PGW worker was just having a bad day. Maybe the customer was a pain in the neck.

But was there any valid reason for the PGW worker to urinate on a customer's treasured sports- card collection?

PGW has reached a $4,500 settlement with Sims, whose valuable collection, gathered over many years, was allegedly damaged by a PGW employee who has since been fired.

What the utility worker apparently didn't know was that Sims, 40, had a video-surveillance camera that recorded the worker "in flagrante delicto."
PGW spokesman Harvey Clark confirmed that the employee urinated on the collection, but would not discuss further details about the incident. The identity of the employee also was not released.

But a union official representing the PGW employee denied that the worker had done anything improper or indecent.

The worker went to the basement, where he saw the customer's collection, carefully arranged in a place of honor.

For some reason, the unidentified employee took umbrage and urinated on the collection, Clark said.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Dateline: China

Nanjing snack poisoner executed

BEIJING - A snack-shop owner who confessed to killing dozens of people by poisoning food at a rival's store in eastern China was executed yesterday.

Chen Zhenping, who was arrested a month ago, was put to death after the Higher People's Court of Jiangsu province upheld a previous death sentence meted out late last month.

'The facts are clear, the evidence is reliable and ample, and the punishment is suitable,' the court said, confirming the original sentence by the Nanjing Intermediate People's Court.

Chen was put to death with a bullet to the back of the head.

Difference between a SERIAL and a SPREE killer.

With the madness in the Beltway, Slate's always interesting Explainer enlightens and educates.

This guy is, of course, a spree killer.