Monday, May 29, 2006


Rare 20oz sirloin steak, with mash and peas. French mustard all over the steak and gravy all over the mash and peas. To drink, an ice cold pint of carling prem with a small glass of red to go with the steak. And id have a huge slice of blueberry pie with custard for pudding.

6 Red Bulls
2 litres of plain seltzer
1 large cheese pizza
2 Big Macs
1 sloppy joe
a navel orange
a vanilla weight watchers yogurt (don't you love hypocrisy?)
6 snickers bars.
Thank you kindly, warden.
Pennsylvania, a few hours west of Rockview

Appetizer, 5 jumbo shrimp cocktails with tons of lemon and cocktail sauce from Black Angus of course!!!
Then 5 80 Milligram Oxycontin's split in half of course to get the full effect!
Then several gallons of tropical ice tea, ICE cold, with tons of sweet & low.
5 bowls of Black Angus steak soup.
A loaf of their brown bread with a bucket of their whipped butter.
A pound of prime rib med rare of course from Black Angus with a huge bowl of their creamy horse radish sauce.
A huge side of Black Angus rice pilaf.
A dozen of Black Angus grilled prawns with a huge bowl of their drawn butter.
And to finish it off a huge slab of Black Angus Chocolate Cake warm with vanilla ice cream!!!
Then 5 more 80 Milligram Oxycontin's again split in half.
Then they can take me and I will never even know the difference!!!

Cliff Pompel from Simi Valley, CA!!!!

Steve,from Myrtle Beach, SC
2 scoops of cottage cheese on a lettuce leaf
2 pineapple slices
and 20 oz bottle of Evian water

- A michelada (Corona beer, ice, lime, salt)
- A bowl of Mexican mushroom soup with squash flowers and corn nibblets
in a
beef broth with chipotle pepper
- A generous plate of black beans (not refried!) with epazote and
chunky/meaty chicharron (pork skin) in hot serrano green salsa with
- A bunch of white corn tortillas
- A big piece of cheese flan or cheesecake
- A double espresso
- A shot of tequila

Viva Mexico !!! ;-)


Carlos (Texas)

Starter:  A cheese platter consisting of all my favorite 
Soup: A big bowl of broccoli cheese soup from Panera Bread with a big
hunk of french bread
Salad: A large chicken caesar salad with cucumbers lots of shaved
parmesan cheese and extra croutons
Meal: Some of my Grandmother's cheesy hash brown casserole, two of my
father's famous stuffed jumbo shrimp (with an extra large bowl of
stuffing on the side), clarified butter for dipping, garlic mashed red
potatoes, green beans with garlic butter
Desert: 6 large strawberries dipped in chocolate, a slice of caramel
apple pie, and a pint of Ben & Jerry's cherry garcia ice cream.
Drinks: One can of Dr. Pepper, one can of Diet Coke with Lime, one
large caramel apple cider with whipped cream from Starbucks, a big
glass of ice water with tons of lemon and one medium hazelnut coffee
light and sweet from Dunkin Donuts.

Alise Z. from Connecticut

May 24, 2006

...Aguilar was cut off mid-sentence, stopping his confrontational outburst....

Last Meal: A full meal of enchiladas.

The skinny: Aguilar was executed for the execution-style shooting deaths of a husband and a wife.

More skinny: The couple were shot while staying in a Harlingen trailer home. The murder weapon was a .22 caliber pistol. The couple’s 9-year-old son, who witnessed the shooting, testified that he saw his parents on the floor with two men standing over them.

His 22-month-old brother was asleep in another room. Neither child was harmed during the killings.

Jesus Aguilar sold a .22 revolver after the killings, and police recovered the weapon from a member of the buyer’s family. A police lab concluded that the bullets recovered from the victims’ bodies could have been fired from the gun.

About two weeks after the killings, the boy's grandmother was reading the newspaper when the boy saw a picture and told her that two of the men in the picture were the ones that hurt his parents. His grandfather took him. to the police station where the youth identified Jesus Aguilar and Chris Quiroz as the men who shot his parents.

Quiroz got life in prison.

The why: According to court records, Aguilar and the female victim’s brother, Rick Esparza, were friends who started smuggling marijuana in November 1994 from their homes in South Texas to Mississippi. After Esparza began smuggling drugs for another supplier, Aguilar threatened to kill him if he didn’t stop. While Esparza and his wife delivered a load of drugs to Mississippi in June 1995, his sister and her family agreed to stay and watch his Harlingen-area mobile home. Aguilar and his nephew spent most of the afternoon and evening of June 9, 1995, drinking. They then went to Esparza’s mobile home early the next morning and killed the couple.

Priors: Aguilar was a member of the prison gang the Texas Syndicate, and had a violent history, including wounding a Lubbock County police officer (he served nine years) during a 1983 shooting and assaulting guards and other inmates while in the state prison system.

Last words and such: Not only did Aguilar not show remorse before his death, he mocked his victim’s families and gave a “shout-out” to his fellow gang members.

At the beginning of his statement, Aguilar told his spiritual adviser, "I'm all right," and also in Spanish made reference to the Texas Syndicate, a prison gang he belonged to, telling them to not be depressed by his death.

Aguilar gave a statement just before the lethal dose began to flow alternating between English and Spanish. “I would like to say to my family, I am all right,” he said, looking at his spiritual advisor, and only witness. He then turned to the victims’ families and tried to find Leonardo Chavez Jr., who witnessed the crimes 11 years ago. Leo Jr. did not witness the execution. “Where are you Leo? Are you there, Leo? Don’t lie man.” He then asked the victims’ families if they were happy he was dying. Once the lethal dose began to flow, Aguilar was cut off mid-sentence, stopping his confrontational outburst.

Family members of the slain couple were outraged at the final words, which came in a mixture of Spanish and English. Huntsville Unit Warden Charles O'Reilly silently requested the start of the lethal dosage, cutting off Aguilar's speech, which included praise to the Texas Syndicate prison gang he was a member of.

Michelle Lyons, spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, said it’s not often inmates have outbursts. “It is more rare that the process begins in the midst of an inmate’s last statements, but when they become verbally abusive or confrontational with the victim’s family, the warden may exercise the option to begin the lethal dose,” she said. “That’s an option that appeared to have been exercised this evening.”

Factoids: Aguliar was the...

20th murderer executed in U.S. in 2006
1024th murderer executed in U.S. since 1976
10th murderer executed in Texas in 2006
365th murderer executed in Texas since 1976

Fifteen more Texas executions are planned this year.

The family elected not to claim his body, and he will be buried in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice prison cemetery, a few blocks from where he was executed.

May 17, 2006

Last Meal: Herrine had a final meal request of sirloin steak, spicy worcestershire sauce, a bacon cheeseburger w/ten slices of bacon, onion rings and fries w/cheese, french dressing, a butterfinger blizzard w/carmel, pecan pie, vanilla ice cream and peach cobbler.

The skinny: Herron was executed for killing a woman and her son nine years ago.

More skinny: A man returned to his mobile home to find that his wife and their 15-year old son shot and killed. A pickup truck had been stolen, and a neighboring residence had been burglarized and set on fire.

Members of the family whose house was burglarized and burned testified that Derrick Frazier and Jermaine Herron had paid a visit to their ranch the day before the murders, on the pretense of looking for work. Herron knew the family because his father had once worked for them, and he introduced Frazier as his cousin Kenny. Friends testified that they planned to kill the family, but got tired of waiting and walked the quarter mile to the victim's home.

According to videotaped confessions of both men, they told the woman they were stranded and asked for drinks. She offered to give the men a ride into Refugio. She left her son in the house and went to the pickup truck with Frazier and Herron. As she started the truck, Herron said he needed to go to the bathroom, and returned to the house. Shortly thereafter, he enticed the woman to return to the house, saying she had a phone call. Frazier admitted to killing her using a 9 mm pistol they had stolen from the other house. Then Herron shot the son with the same weapon.

The men then used her truck to carry loot taken during a burglary from the house next door.

Herron turned himself in three days after the slayings. He and Frazier gave nearly identical confessions, but later each defendant blamed the other for the killings.

Derrick Frazier was also convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death. He remains on death row.

Legal Machinations: The U.S. Supreme Court rejected a bid for a last-minute appeal claiming the drugs used in lethal injections cause "excessive pain."

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals denied Herron's appeal earlier in the afternoon. In a separate opinion, the court lifted the temporary stay of execution it had granted for another Texas inmate on the same issue.

Last words and such: Herron, 27, addressed his victims’ husband and father, Jerry Nutt, during his final statement. “I just hope this brings some kind of peace to your family. I wish I could bring them back, but I can’t,” he said. “I hope my death brings peace; don’t hang on to the hate.” Herron then looked to his mother, telling her to stay strong. “Lord, forgive me for my sins because here I come,” he said. Herron stared at the ceiling for several moments before closing his eyes and taking several deep breaths.

Nutt said he was frustrated and angered that Herron's execution might have been delayed because of his claims lethal injection is cruel and unusual punishment. "I'll tell you what the cruel and unusual punishment is, it's the victims having to wait for justice. That is what's cruel and unusual," he said. "Watching him die looked very easy. He went peacefully. I just hope that the terror he felt in the last hour or two of his life was just a little bit of the terror that my son felt before he shot him in the head."

Factoids: Herron was the...

19th murderer executed in U.S. in 2006
1023rd murderer executed in U.S. since 1976
9th murderer executed in Texas in 2006
364th murderer executed in Texas since 1976