Friday, February 21, 2003

THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE.....has opened to "Generally Unfavorable Reviews." That according to our favorite movie review site....Metacritic!

At this site, "all scores given by critics have been converted to a 100-point scale in the table above. When a critic does not provide a score in his/her review, we have assigned one based on the general impression given by the review."

The score for T.L.O.D.G. is currently....26. It received a 0 from Ebert and the WSJ reviewer.

From Ebert...
The secrets of the plot must remain unrevealed by me, so that you can be offended by them yourself, but let it be said this movie is about as corrupt, intellectually bankrupt and morally dishonest as it could possibly be without David Gale actually hiring himself out as a joker at the court of Saddam Hussein.

From the WSJ...

Unlike "Dead Man Walking" and many honorable dramas before it, "David Gale" has nothing coherent to say about capital punishment, or anything else. It's a dead film lurching.

We were going to see the flick this weekend, but we need a good laugh so OLD SCHOOL here we come....Metacritic score...a respectable 53 (our old football number!).

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Gene Simmons of KISS tells Esquire what he has learned. He also includes his last meal....

Surprisingly, no tongue....

....My last meal? A Double Whopper and a Linzer tart.

As you may know the editors of DME grew up at the foot of the Ozarks and never had any fancy-pants desserts. So for other deprived (and depraved) readers, here is a little Linzer tart info.

From Delightful Deliveries (only $44.95, plus shipping and handling)

A wonderful traditional Linzer Tart, made with a rich hazelnut cookie crust with a raspberry filling, topped with a hazelnut cookie lattice crust, dusted with powdered sugar. A perfect dessert served with a good cup of coffee, or a glass of champagne!

Or, make you own....

Wednesday, February 19, 2003


The good people of central Mexico have spoken...not in the right (government) way.

Mexican Voters Come Out Strongly for Restoration of Death Penalty


Voters in the central state of Mexico overwhelmingly approved a referendum in support of executing kidnappers, armed robbers and murderers sparking a national outcry Monday in a country long opposed to capital punishment.

President Vicente Fox condemned the result, saying he was against the death penalty under any circumstances. "I believe that democratic countries that believe in human beings, in people, in the dignity of people don't believe in the death penalty," he said Sunday after the referendum.

...Facing frustration over rising crime, officials invited the state's 8 million voters to voice their opinion on whether state lawmakers should allow the death penalty. Some 800,000 people voted by telephone, on the Internet and at nearly 600 polling places throughout Mexico state, a sprawling region of suburbs and shantytowns surrounding Mexico City.

Isidro Pastor, head of the Institutional Revolution Party's Mexico state branch, said final returns showed that 85.4 percent of voters thought capital punishment would slow skyrocketing crime and kidnapping rates that have plagued Mexico state and the rest of the country.

....Lizeth Vega, a 29-year-old surgeon in the state capital of Toluca, said she voted in favor of the referendum. "It would be good to really stop the rapists and murders we have here," she said. "Something has to be done."

Tuesday, February 18, 2003


The last meals keep rolling in....

1). Elizabeth D., New York City

One pound of BACON (not too lean, cooked medium-well), one can of whipped cream, one Ceasar Salad with extra dressing, chocolate milk, cherry cobbler (warm)

BACON, you can never go wrong with bacon.

Dan H., Olathe, KS leads off with a little last meal history. We thank him and we are one step closer to our complete last meal archives. First, the history....In 1992, Robert Alton Harris's last meal in California was a 6 pack of Pepsi Cola, two large pieces, and 21 pieces of KFC chicken.

2.) Dan H.'s last meal...
A small pepperoni pizza from Little Caesars, Crazy Bread, peaches, banana pudding, and two cans of Mountain Dew.

We admire Dan's restraint in ordering a SMALL pizza, the last time the DME editors ordered a small pizza was....well, we have never ordered a small pizza.

3). Tara B., New York City

caviar with toast points, steak tartare, flourless chocolate cake with liquid center.

This is the first last meal where the editors of DME have never had any of the items. We live a sheltered life.

4). Eric O. of parts unknown

bruschetta with mozzarella and extra basil, smoked salmon, toasted bagel with french onion cream cheese, 1 bottle Martini&Rossi Asti, General Tso's Chicken with extra onions, green peppers and pineapple, 2 7ups and 1 small Dairy Queen chocolate ice cream cake.

This is a candidate for our first DME party!

5). Noreen O'D. of parts unknown

2 chicken croquette and noodles smothered in sauce made out of cream of mushroom soup; small tossed salad with ranch dressing; two hot buttered dinner rolls and a 6 pack of beer.

DME will be back shortly...we're very hungry...very hungry.