Sunday, December 19, 2004

Dateline: Pakistan

Pakistan adopts death penalty for 'honour' killings

Pakistan's National Assembly has passed legislation proposing the death penalty for those who kill women in the name of family honour.

Under centuries-old tribal customs, hundreds of Pakistani women are victims of so-called honour killings every year.

Women can be murdered for marrying for love, committing adultery or earning an inadequate dowry.

In many cases, the killers go free because some police and prosecutors do not consider them to be criminals.

The new bill just passed, proposes the death sentence for the most extreme cases, and prison terms up to life for lesser cases.

Dateline: Saudi Arabia

Two Iraqis Beheaded for Trafficking
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - Two Iraqi men were beheaded Sunday for smuggling drugs into Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Interior Ministry said.

Mohammed bin Ali al-Salami and Faisal bin Karim al-Shiblawi were convicted of smuggling an undisclosed quantity of hashish into the kingdom and were beheaded in the northern city of Arar, the ministry said in a statement reported by the Saudi Press Agency.

Their execution brings to 30 the number of people beheaded in the kingdom this year. Last year, at least 52 people, mostly drug smugglers, were beheaded.

Saudi Arabia follows a strict interpretation of Islam under which people convicted of drug trafficking, murder, rape and armed robbery can be executed. Beheadings are carried out with a sword in public.


Kaitlyn C. and I am in Oklahoma City,OK
Breakfast:French toast,eggs,bacon,sausage,orange juice,milk,oatmeal,fruity pebbles,and biscuits with gravy
Lunch:Grilled cheese sandwich,ribs,fajitas, egg roll,cocoa pebbles,vanilla Coke,Chocalate creme pie,Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, Ramen noodles the oriental kind,black cherry Kool-aid,gummy bears,gummy Jolly Ranchers,and Hershey bar

raymond l d. of parts unknown...
my moms spagetti french bread milk chocolate cake and 2 pepsi and a
ceasar salad

Shanie M. Phoenix Az
The Menu

12 Flour Tortillas
2 cans Taco Bell Refried Beans
1 pound Chedder Cheese
1 large container Sour Cream
1 bottle Hot Real Salsa (not picante)
1 chicken Sandwich mayo only
1 Quarter Pounder with cheese
1 container Orange flavored chicken
2 Snickers Bars
2 Cheese Enchiladas
4 King Crab legs with melted butter.
1 gallon milk

And after all that beans and cheese and 4 bottles of BEANO!!!!!!

Coke B. Jr. of parts unknown...
Shrimp scampi from Red Lobster (thirty shrimp's worth)
A large Idaho baked potatoes with butter, salt, and pepper
A pomegranate
Deep-fried, breaded okra
Two lamb chops - medium, seasoned, not breaded
A big, warm, soft pretzel with that big chunky salt
Meatballs with onion, pepper, and beef broth
Campbell's Chunky clam chowder
A sliced tomato with salt
Banana bread
Two Jack-In-The-Box egg rolls
A piece of cheesecake
Peanut brittle
Four large, chilled plastic bottles of Evian
A bottomless cup of dark roast coffee with a little sugar (NOT cappucino or espresso)

Doris V. of parts unknown...
My last meal would be 1 large denver omlette,6 bacon strips,2 slices of ham,homemade diced hash browns with chives,3 cheeseburgers,large order of fries/gravy,4 tacos,chicken ceasear salad,large bowl of clam chowder,2 slices cheesecake,cheese perogies with sour cream,cabbage rolls,2 -2 litre bottles of Pepsi,Jug of chocolate milk,sheppard's pie,loaf of banana bread with butter,s/s ribs,mashed potatoes/gravy and any type of ice cream with nuts in it.