Tuesday, June 06, 2006

READER'S LAST MEALS 6-6-6 edition....

Gloria Burke of Baytown, Tx

menu items for my last meal...

Okra gumbo with rice no chicken lots of potatoe salad with eggs, onions, and pickles. Casa Ole's chips and dip all 3...Red, Green and cheese. Crawfish not seasoned on the shell but in the water. Veggie lovers pizza no bell pepper add pepporoni. Huge salad with homeade ranch dressing. Gallon homeade lemonade and a 2 liter Dr. Pepper. Pecan pie, apple pie, and some sort of chocolate pie. On the side I want some music playin in the background...prefer Otis Redding and Percy Sledge.

todd eisenhard
allentown, pa

filet mignon, medium well
one dozen clams
baked potato w/sour cream and chives
pork and sauerkraut
busch's baked beans
6 cans of mountain dew
tiramisu, entire cake
one dozen bbq wings
a bottle of ranch dressing
a big mac from mcdonalds
broccoli and cheese balls, fried
tuna steak
general tso's chicken
four frog legs
a large bowl of neopolitan ice cream w/whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry on top -- stem included
package of black licorice twizzlers
quart of vanilla milk
large bag of beef jerkey
large order of onion rings
shrimp scampi
bag of skittles, large
one slice pumpernickel bread
a communion wafer

and if you accept this, my last words would be: "i have to return some videotapes."

and the following is my girlfriend's:

kat waters
allentown, pa

fettucine alfredo
two bagels with vegetable cream cheese
crab-stuffed flounder
two fudgesicles
large bag sour patch kids, red only
vanilla milkshake
two bottles cherry coca-cola
pint of strawberry milk
assortment of pints of ben & jerry's ice cream
a chicken gyro, chicken and cucumber sauce only
large order of chicken quesadillas from friendly's, extra sour cream
strawberry shortcake
ham and cheese omelette with a side of ranch dressing
shredded hash browns covered in melted cheddar cheese
seedless fresh cherries
quart lipton lemon iced tea
bucket of crushed ice
six cream cheese wontons
three giant pink pixi sticks
three sunny side up eggs
three pieces of very light toast with margarine
gallon of hawaiian punch
a sedative, since they offer those; i request the strongest they have, to be taken directly before my meal
varied mind-altering substances in to-be-specified doses, all high quality
one pack marlboro 100 cigarettes and method of lighting them
one sandwich made of one part carmen electra, one part dave navarro, and one part myself
pitcher of spring water with crushed ice
and a final dessert consisting of at least one hour involving angelina jolie, her tongue, and the parts of my body which i choose

last words: "the young child of an officer asked his father if they had found a particular bad guy, to which his father said they had and that the man was going to be sentenced to die. the child asked who would kill the man, and his father told him that the government and police officers like himself were all part of the act. his son considered this before asking 'but daddy, if you can kill that man for killing someone, who will kill you?' i was arrested for playing god, for committing murder, a crime that is legally and morally wrong. apparently this rule does not apply to those involved in my sentencing and execution. may god have mercy on your souls."

vinchenzo b.

For my last meal, I think I would go with a large serving of pufferfish
(I'm gonna die anyway right?) a Mountain Dew (from a can, not plastic
bottle), an ice cold coke from one of the original glass bottles (circa
1960s), buttered toast, seventeen scrambled quail eggs, an apple
stuffed with colby jack cheese, a fresh fruit smoothie with
strawberries, a bananna, and raspberries, and chocoloate/vannilla twist
ice cream in a cone.

Colleen M. from Waterbury,CT writes:
Breakfast would be 4 buttermilk pancakes with whipped butter and Caro syrup,8 sausage links, 2 buttermilk biscuit and scrambled egg sandwiches ,1 cup of McDonald,s coffee and 1 venti caramel macchiado from Starbucks,2 blunts and a 1/2 pack of Newport 100's.
Lunch would be a full rack of baby back ribs from Damon's in Cheshire with broccoli in cheddar cheese, mashed potatoes w/ gravy, 5 Ruby relaxers ,strawberry cheescake, 3 more blunts, 2 Vicodin,1 oxycontin,2 500mg Ibuprophin and 1/2 pack of newports.
If I make it to dinner, I'd have Seafood Medley in linguine , fried cauliflower in ranch sauce, Alasken King Crab legs in drawn butter, eggplant parmasen, Tall chocolate cake , a six pack of smirnoff , 4 blunts, 4 vicodin,3 oxycontin and a full pack of newports...by then I know my ass is dead but even if not-I'll be ready to die

Sara R.

The menu:

Ladies Filet from Northwestern Steakhouse, Shrimpin'
Dippin' Broth from Bubba Gump's, Ultimate Feast from
Red Lobster, chili lime chicken strips from Dairy
Queen, Chicken Broccoli from Hunan, Chocolate chip
cookie dough cheesecake from Cheesecake factory,
cherry coke, Mr. Pibb, chocolate milk, turtle frappe,
and cranberry juice.

June 6, 2006

Beef fajitas with japalenos, rib eye steak with baked potato, beef enchiladas with cheese, six mountain dews.

Summary to follow...

Sunday, June 04, 2006




My name is Steve Bowden and I thought you might like this piece I've just produced:


Your site is an fascinating read to say the least.

"The Museum of Capital Punishment introduces this Stainless Steel tray as a platform for debate. Playing the role of both museum and souvenir, it juxtaposes two portraits. One through appetite, the other through paperwork."


I went to school with Carlton Slawson ( Long School, Concord, NC) from the first grade until about the seventh grade. He was, without question, the shittiest kid that I have ever met in my life!!!!!!
David H.

I love your website and I really appreciate all of the work that you put into it. After Texas removed their Last Meal info from their website, you were there to provide what no other was providing. Thanks to you, those who find this interesting can still be informed. Any chance in the future of adding photo`s of those eating the LAST MEAL? Texas provides photo`s of most of their death row inmates. and since a lot of those eating last meals are in texas, you would have easy access to those photo`s. Just wondering...
Anyway, just wanted to drop you a few lines and to let you know, I drop in to visit and that your website is appreciated.


Chris B.

DME REPLYS: Adding pics is on our "to-do" list. Sadly, we are having trouble finding the time to do the bare minimum for the site. However, we are in talks regarding a DME book and if that happens, then look out. Pic-o-rama!


To whom it may concern,
I do sincerely hope that this e-mail will be at least read and taken into some form of consideration. I just wanted to express my views towards your website --- www.deadmaneating.com;
Perhaps I am somewhat biased considering my views and opposition towards the Death Penalty as a whole. But regardless of someone's views on this subject I do not think anyone would be that callous and cruel to publically document inmate's last meals before they are murdered by the State let alone make a mockery of it.
At the very least I can only begin to comprehend why people would be interested in stuff like this. But again, making up your own slogan, "Looking for a killer meal?" as well as the website name itself is just sickening beyond words. Not to mention touching upon the subject of giving people their own chance to recreate their own "Last meal".
I suppose people get some sort of sick kick out of this. See it as a form of cheap entertainment perhaps? Whatever the reasoning I just want to say I hope you realise the severity of how much this could affect people - such as myself - who have first hand experience with people on the Row.
Right now I figure you are probably thinking something along the lines of "What about the victim's and their families?". To answer that for you; I do not in anyway condone the actions that these men and/or women have done. My extreme condolences and sympathy go out to these victim's families. But killing another person is never going to bring your loved one[s] back. People say it is justice. But when it comes down to it to take a life when a life has been lost is not justice -- it is pure revenge.
If you had made it down to here than I thank you for taking the time to read this e-mail. Whether it was taken seriously or not is another matter. However I just wish to reiterate I hope that you realise the sort of pain this website causes to many people around the world. Perhaps you are all for the Death Penalty or perhaps you just want to make a mockery of it? Who knows. For now that matter will remain untouched.
Yours sincerely,
Ben W.

Thanks for your rational, well-reasoned letter. You made many great points and obviously the site is not for you. We suggest you do what we do with sites that bother us...we avoid them. Of course, you can buy lots of National Sports Schedules and make that publication so profitable, that we will have no time left to chronicle any meals...for the living or the dead.


Hillary Sanchez
DR #7033579 S
Terrell Unit
Huntsville, Texas

last meal :

Starters - foie gras, lightly marinated with cream sauce, enriched with herbs and spices with tiger prawns
Entrees - caesar salad mixed with olive oil and rich mushroom soup with a slice of garlic bread
Main Course - Steamed whole baramundi, drizzled with almond flakes, topped with butter and cream, with lightly salted asparagus and baked potatoes in butter
Closing - Beef kebabs in Texas bbq sauce and a whole Australian lobster drizzled in garlic and mayonneise
Desserts - Good old tiramisu, infused with vodka and gin

Drinks - One bottle of Walker Martini with a free flow of Spinelli's caramel latte

"johnny d" from parts unknown...

Chef For my last meal I would order a Bucket of Hot Buffalo Style Chicken Wings, 2 Super Mighty Tacos (hot), side dish of Mexican rice and a bowl of Beans and Sauerkraut (Serbian food) with a fresh loaf of Vienna Bread and butter.To drink I'd like a quart of Dad's root beer and a quart of A & W's Cream Soda. For dessert: 2 Chocolate eclairs. Feed Me

hi there!
if i was sentenced to death, my last meal would probably be something
i've loved all my damn life. i'd DEMAND a dozen oysters, a rare, thin
stake sprinkled with crushed garlic, salt and pepper with a good
handful of home fried chips. broccoli dripping with butter and of
course fried cherry tomatoes because i can't get enough of them. then
i'd have a thick, mousse type chocolate cake complete with a cherry
or two. after all that, i'd calm down with a milky coffee and
cigarette, ready to die.
lots of hugs and love, louis.

Breakfast: 2 poached eggs on top of toasted rye bread with hollandaise sauce. A Cuban coffee
Snack: Cool Ranch Doritos with Guacamole, Grape Juice
Lunch: Rueben on Rye with extra sauerkraut and thousand island, pickle, Red potato salad with Dill and a Peach Iced Tea Snapple
Dinner: Fried Calamari with marinara, 16oz steak bloody as heck, Greek salad, side of garlic mashed potatoes, and a big glass of water with lemon
Dessert: Box of Doughnuts (lemon filled with powdered sugar, sour cream, blueberry, raspberry filled glazed, and the chocolate ones with the white cream in the middle)

Sasha Grimm, Sylva North Carolina

Laura from Gainesville Florida.

Last meal:

Spicy Tuna sushi roll with Fresh wasabi and ginger.

Fried Soft shell crab, with hot bread and tartar sauce and Cole slaw.

? dozen steamed oysters with crackers and Sriracha hot chili sauce.

My mother’s homemade apple pie with whipped cream and a coffee two sugars and cream.

I would also request a marathon showing of all of John Hughes 80’s films while I was eating.

And I would like to be wearing my favorite shirt (a old black faded Cure “In between days” shirt) and my fuzzy slippers.

Whats sad is, I kind of what to go on death row now, just to see all of this laid out in front of me.

Appetizer: Spicy boneless buffalo wings from the 99 bar and grill with tons of blue cheese dressing, fries from in n out burger, animal style and a large chocolate shake with whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry. A california roll, ten different kinds of sashimi sushi, mostly tuna and salmon. a bowl of soy sauce mixed with wasabi.

Main Course: Fillet mingon medium rare underneath a slice of baked ham underneath melted cheese covered in chives and shredded fried onions, garlic mashed potatoes drowning in giblet gravy, a slab of grilled cajun sword fish and another slab of Mahi Mahi tuna, half rack of texas style BBQ ribs, (cooked for 10 hours), a millenium chili dog from Pinks in LA, an In n out burger, (double double w cheese) two tacos with hot sauce from Tito's in LA, Spicy sausage pasta with marinara, a carnival style italian sausage with peppers and onions.

Desert Pies. All sorts of pies. Every single pie that is delicious with vanilla ice cream. Chocolate cheesecake, 6 layer chocalte cherry cake with frosting so thick you can take it off in one piece, a cookie dough blizzard from DQ's, and a tray of homemade fudge brownies, drowned in vanilla ice cream, and too many krispie kreme donuts to count.

drinks: red bull, every kind of dunkin donuts latte with whipped cream, a dunkin donuts iced coffee, no 8 of them. A vanilla coke, a lime coke, snapple iced tea, nesquick, bannana smoothies.


Colleen M. from Waterbury,CT writes:
Breakfast would be 4 buttermilk pancakes with whipped butter and Caro syrup,8 sausage links, 2 buttermilk biscuit and scrambled egg sandwiches ,1 cup of McDonald,s coffee and 1 venti caramel macchiado from Starbucks,2 blunts and a 1/2 pack of Newport 100's.
Lunch would be a full rack of baby back ribs from Damon's in Cheshire with broccoli in cheddar cheese, mashed potatoes w/ gravy, 5 Ruby relaxers ,strawberry cheescake, 3 more blunts, 2 Vicodin,1 oxycontin,2 500mg Ibuprophin and 1/2 pack of newports.
If I make it to dinner, I'd have Seafood Medley in linguine , fried cauliflower in ranch sauce, Alasken King Crab legs in drawn butter, eggplant parmasen, Tall chocolate cake , a six pack of smirnoff , 4 blunts, 4 vicodin,3 oxycontin and a full pack of newports...by then I know my ass is dead but even if not-I'll be ready to die

June 1, 2006

...I'm going to cut your loving little boy's head off." ....

Last Meal: Boltz requested Kentucky Fried Chicken (original recipe), potato wedges, baked beans, cole slaw, an apple turnover and a dinner roll.

The skinny: Boltz, a former used car salesman and evangelistic preacher, was put to death for killing his 22-year-old stepson in a Shawnee mobile home park.

Boltz, 74, became the oldest man in Oklahoma's history to be executed.

More skinny: The Shawnee Police Department received a call from John Boltz's wife who informed the police that she was at her mother's house and that Boltz, who had been drinking, had forced his way into the house and had made accusations about her to her mother. She further stated that when she threatened to call the police, Boltz left. She gave the dispatcher Boltz's car tag number and his home address. His wife called the police department later and inquired as to whether Boltz had been taken into custody. When she was informed that he had not been arrested, she went to her son's house.

After they had been there for a short time, Boltz called and talked to the man. The conversation lasted only a few minutes. A short time later, Boltz called back and again talked to the man. After this call, the man left to go to Boltz's trailer house. Immediately thereafter, Boltz called a third time and his wife answered. Boltz told her, "I'm going to cut your loving little boy's head off." Boltz also threatened his wife who immediately called the police and reported the threats. She told the dispatcher where Boltz lived and stated that she was going over there.

A woman who lived next door to Boltz, testified that during that evening she heard the screeching of brakes, a car door slam and loud and angry voices. When she heard a sound like someone getting the wind knocked out of him, she looked out the window and observed a man lying on the ground on his back, not moving. She testified that Boltz was standing over him screaming obscenities and beating him.

Boltz was arrested in Midwest City, Oklahoma, at the American Legion Hall after a friend informed the police of Boltz's location. Boltz had informed the friend that he had killed his stepson and had probably cut his head off. Boltz surrendered to the police upon their arrival.

Declining the plea: Boltz could have avoided execution had he accepted a plea bargain prosecutors offered. The deal would have reduced the offense to first-degree manslaughter with a maximum sentence of 42 years in prison, if Boltz pleaded guilty.

The offer was extended to spare the mother from testifying. She had told prosecutors she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and was concerned the stress of a trial would push her fragile mental state too far.

Boltz probably would already have been released from prison had he taken the plea bargain. Instead, he's spent most of the last 22 years confined 23 hours a day on death row.

Boltz adamantly had claimed he was in his own home defending himself from an attacker.

Leading up to: Boltz was in reasonably good health for a man who nearly was 75. He remained a solid Pentecostal, who read daily from the Bible, the attorney said.

Last words and such: Officials had trouble finding a vein to inject the lethal drugs, delaying the execution for more than an hour at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary.

With the last words of his life, he admonished those who put him on death row.

"It's a time of sadness because I think of all the people involved who got me here and what's in store for them," he said.

Without reciting the verses, Boltz then referenced Deuteronomy 19:18-21, saying that "they need to read that portion of the Bible and see what's down the road for them."

Although Boltz never specified who "they" are, the passage seemed to be directed at the victim's family:

The verses say, in part: "And the judges shall make careful inquiry. If they discover that the witness is, indeed, resentful and has accused falsely against his brother, then you shall do to him what he had planned to have done to his brother; and thus you shall eradicate the evil from among you."

Factoids: Boltz was the...

21st murderer executed in U.S. in 2006
1025th murderer executed in U.S. since 1976
2ndmurderer executed in Oklahoma in 2006
81st murderer executed in Oklahoma since 1976

The state's previous oldest inmate to be executed was Robert Hendricks, 64, who was put to death in 1957.

The oldest person put to death — John Nixon - was 77 when he was executed in Mississippi on Dec. 14. Clarence Ray Allen, who was blind and used a wheelchair, was executed in California on Jan. 17 at the age of 76. James Hubbard, executed in Alabama in 2004, was also 74.