Wednesday, January 12, 2005

However, the most of the people of Connecticut have a different view...

Poll finds Connecticut voters back death penalty

HARTFORD, Conn. -- Seventy percent of Connecticut voters say they support the death penalty for serial killer Michael Ross, who is scheduled to die later this month, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday.

Fifty-nine percent of state voters say they favor the death penalty in general. But given the choice between the death penalty and life in prison without the possibility of parole, 49 percent said they preferred the prison sentence.

"Connecticut voters' views on the death penalty are similar to voters nationwide," said poll director Douglas Schwartz. "Support for the death penalty drops dramatically when voters are presented with the alternative of life in prison with no chance of parole."

In the case of Ross, who has admitted killing eight women in Connecticut and New York, 85 percent said they believe he should be allowed to forego any further appeals. Ross is scheduled to be executed Jan. 26 at Osborn Correctional Institution in Somers. His would be the first execution in New England since 1960.

Of those opposed to the death penalty, 58 percent cited moral or religious beliefs.

This is one of the two reasons we are anti-death penalty (there are several reasons why we are pro-death penalty as well) turns monsters into martyrs. Here is a man who killed eight times and these religious leaders are fighting to keep this man alive. Couldn't their efforts be put to better use for their flocks? Aren't there homeless people in Connecticut who need a soup kitchen or a warm place to sleep?

Religious leaders speak out over Ross execution plans

In exactly two weeks convicted serial killer Michael Ross is scheduled to die by lethal injection. But some groups continue to fight his execution and today religious leaders had their say.

As the clock ticks towards ross's execution date there are more efforts to stop it. Religious leaders from around the state gathered at the state capitol making their pitch against the death penalty and Ross's execution.

"We're deeply concerned about the victims and their families and those convicted as well," says Most Rev. Christie Mancuso, Auxiliary Bishop of Hartford. "Human life needs to be preserved from conception until natural death. That is why we're opposed to death penalty."

Ross has admitted to killing 8 women in Connecticut and New York in the 1980's. He's on death row for four of those murders and he says he's ready to die. But some religious leaders say not so fast.

"The state should not be giving any consideration to what he wants," says Rev. Dr. Davida Crabtree, United Church of Christ. "Yes, he is guilty of extreme crimes. We have no sympathy for him. We believe he should have to suffer the consequences of his actions, not get the short way out".

The Connecticut Conference of the United Church of Christ has filed a lawsuit trying to stop the execution.

Ross is set to die by lethal injection January 26th. He would be the first person put to death in Connecticut in 45-years


Bridget L of parts unknown...
buttery bisquits a whole cantalope and a huge mountain dew


Jared P. of Addison (Dallas), Texas
A Basket of Olive Garden Bread Sticks, 1 - side salad with ranch, Chili's southwest fajita egg rolls, Hooters Hot wings - 20 piece Hot, 20 piece Hot buffalo Shrimp, 20 peel and eat shrimp, 2 lbs of Crab Legs, garlic Butter, Ranch Dressing, 2 - 12 oz. Cherry Cokes. 1 Slice each of double chocolate Cake and Carmel Fudge Cheese Cake. 3 - Breath Mints. 1 Maxim Magazine, and 3 Rolls of Toilet Paper. All of this while Watching the Cowboys play in the Super Bowl!


i would have two beef quesadillas from taco bell, small bowl of vodka rose penne pasta, small bowl of chili, thai beef shish kabobs with peanut sauce, cherry garcia ice cream from ben and jerrys and a cherry coke.


Wendi in Texas (death row capital of the world!)
I don't forsee myself ending up on death row, but if I somehow got in that predicament I would request a traditional Passover Cedar dinner, followed by grilled lamb and latkes (potato pancakes). Of course it would all have to be certified Kosher. I wonder if anyone has done that before?


smokeybear from parts unknown...
Harvest Grain N Nut meal (IHOP) with extra warm maple syrup, chicken grilled stuffed fajita burrito (TACO BELL), key lime cheescake (cheescake factory), ahi tuna (cheesecake factory), large mcdonalds fries, large diet coke from Burger King, spaghetti and meatballs (mom's), lettuce wraps and kung pao chicken from PF Changs, green enchiladas from la habituela in cancun, mexico, and a pumpkin donut and a blueberry donut from krispy kremes.


Carrie L. of parts unknown...

Habachi : Scallops, Lobster, Shrimp, and lots of butter. A bottle of Kettle One Vodka and diet decaf pepsi. For dessert Strawberry Fribble shake from Friendly's.....w/ wht ever vodka I havent finish with dinner.