Thursday, February 09, 2006

February 8, 2006

Last Meal: Chicken Fried Steak, mashed potatoes with gravy, fried okra, bread with butter, mixed fresh veggies, donuts, chocolate cake with icing and sweet tea.

The skinny: Neville, a paroled burglar who claimed he wanted to be a serial killer of minorities, was executed for the torture-slaying eight years ago of a 19-year-old mentally impaired woman who once worked with him.

More skinny: Neville and Michael Wayne Hall worked at the same grocery store where the 19-year-old victim was employed as a sacker. The victim suffered from Turner's syndrome, a rare chromosome disorder found only in women and characterized by short stature and lack of sexual development at puberty.

One morning on the way to work together, they saw the woman riding her bicycle and offered her a ride. Instead, they took her to a rural field in Fort Worth where she was shot repeatedly with a pellet gun, then killed with shots from a .22-caliber rifle as she begged for her life.

During the investigation of her disappearance, Hall’s stepbrother told police that Hall had told him that he and Neville had abducted and killed the woman. The two were arrested attempting to cross over into Mexico. Upon arrest, Neville acknowledged killing the woman and told police where to find the body. Neville told police that he and Hall were white supremacists and that they wanted to kill blacks. Neville and Hall purchased two .22-caliber rifles and ammunition and practiced shooting the rifles. Neville boasted about the slaying and told investigators, as well as TV and newspaper reporters, that he laughed as the womann lay on the ground, gasping for air. Neville explained in a TV interview that he and Hall killed the woman "for the adrenaline rush" and that the girl was used for "target practice."

Both Hall and Neville were convicted of murder and sentenced to death.

Hall, 26, remains on death row. He does not have an execution date.

On parole: Neville was released from prison eight months prior to the murder after serving two years of a 10-year prison term for burglary.

Last words and such: In the hours before his execution, Neville met with visitors and napped in the holding cell near the death chamber. A prison official described his demeanor as "very quiet" as the execution procedure was explained.

Neville apologized profusely, addressed his victim's mother by name as she and her two daughters stood close to the glass with their arms around each other. He expressed love to them. "I hope you can find it in yourselves to forgive me and I hope all this here will kind of settle your pain. And I hope the Lord will give you comfort and peace. I just want you to know I am very sorry for what I have done. If I see Amy on the other side, I will tell her how much you love and miss her. And we will have a lot to talk about." Neville then turned toward his parents, who watched through an adjacent window. "I am sorry for putting you through all this pain and stuff," he said. "I love you all and I will see you on the other side."

Factoids: Neville was the...

7th murderer executed in U.S. in 2006
1011th murderer executed in U.S. since 1976
3rd murderer executed in Texas in 2006
358th murderer executed in Texas since 1976

Neville, 31, was the third Texas prisoner executed this year and the first of three over the next 15 days in the nation's most active capital punishment state.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


February 8, 2006

Last Meal: Chicken Fried Steak, mashed potatoes with gravy, fried okra, bread with butter, mixed fresh veggies, donuts, chocolate cake with icing and sweet tea.

Complete skinny to follow shortly....

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Today's mailbag....

From Mia Hardy who lives across the pond...

Have you no morals?

The reason why you are all bible bashing christians is bcs you raped and murdered to get the land you live on. In your mayhem and violence you think reading the Bible will exonorate and justify your actions. The reason why you are the only western country to have the death penalty IS BCS YOU NEED IT! Since your such a bunch of animals how else to serve your bloodthirsty ways and appetite. Then you glorify violence in all kinds of ways.....but you have an enemy...the terrorists who are just like you. They love violence and justify it through religion, no wonder they are so attached to you. What a couple.
For every name you have up there and every joke you make about a death be it the victim or the perpertrator you and anybody who loves you will face the wrath of the man/woman that you say you worship the one they call God, YAHWEH or whatever its name is.

Thanks for the note, Mia! Let's answer your question...have we no morals?

Sweet Mia the definition of morals from Of or concerned with the judgment of the goodness or badness of human action and character.

Well, good Mia. This site is the very definition of morals. We deal with nothing but the judgment of goodness and badness!

Perhaps, Mia, ole girl, a better question is have we no shame? And, judging from the deadmaneating thong (now 12 sold!) on the front page...some questions answer themselves.

p.s. We will let the irony of someone from England, with it's centuries of subjugation of natives peoples, defaming the U.S. and it's god-fearing folk pass for now.

Off to tea and cucumber sandwiches!


April from parts unknown...

6 doz.shrimp and pork turnovers from the only bakery in china town chicago 2 orders of bob evans sausage gravy and biscuts one large supreme pizza no olives from 5 star pizza washed down with 2 2ltrs of diet mt dew and 2 pks of marlburo ultralight menthal and 35 mg morphine

JOHN N. of parts unknown...

A 14 ounce new york strip cooked medium rare at least a dozen icelandic (some people call them danish) lobster tails with clarified butter and lemon wedges.baked tater with butter and sour cream and at least 3 cheese garlic biscuits from red lobster.many mountain dews will be needed! I guess I could start this out with a salad but who wants lettuce at a time like this!!!bring on the calories.for dessert a huge piece of chocolate cake and a pint of godiva chocolate ice cream.and chocolate milk to wash my dessert down.

My last meal would be:
French Onion Soup,
Sauteed Lambs Kidneys on French buttered toast with wild mushrooms,
A full spit roast organic chicken,
4 extra Large portions of McDonalds Fries,
Cauliflower with creamy white sauce,broccoli sliced carrots and butter mash,
Diced roast potatoes with seasoning,
Homemade stuffing and gravy,
2 portions of extra large homemade apple pie with fresh cream and strawberries,
Ben and Jerries Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough,
A gallon of Coke,
6 Sachets of Ketchup 2
Extra large Caffe Lattes,
A chilled bottle of Parducci Chardonnay 2001,
Jude- Dublin Ireland

iainkayphd from parts unknown...

My last meal will actually begin in the afternoon with a 1-pound package of jumbo pistachio nuts, a pint of strawberry ice cream, a pint of chocolate almond ice cream and a pint of butter pecan ice cream. Finally, to cleanse the palate, a bottle of Evian water with lemon juice.

About 3 hours later or about 5 hours before my death, I’d like a large bowl filled with fresh spinach leaves and then 12 extra large cooked jumbo shrimp with a small dish of cocktail sauce and horseradish sauce. Next would come a large crock of French Onion Soup with plenty of cheese and bread crumbs baked to golden perfection. Next would be a large bowl of around 2 pounds of jumbo stone crab claws (ice cold) with melted butter and mustard sauce. Next would be a large bowl of oyster stew filled with jumbo oysters, baby clams, and bay scallops.

After a rest of about ½ hour, I’d like a medium rare English cut of prime rib of beef smothered in sliced mushrooms in a light gravy of red wine, a plate of baby lamb sliced from a large leg of lamb, 2 large baked potatoes served with butter and sour cream, a ½ pd. of tender asparagus shoots with hollandaise sauce, a nice 1” thick swordfish steak of about 2 pounds. Finally, a six-pack of Guinness Stout would be served at room temperature.

After another ½ rest will come dessert: a large piece of Boston cream pie, a large piece of lemon meringue pie and a large piece of blueberry pie with French Vanilla ice cream on top.

And during this wonderful dining experience, I would like tunes from the 1960s played as I dine wearing a comfortable T-shirt and running shorts and bedroom slippers.

Basil H. of parts unknown...

2 hard boiled Jumbo eggs
Half dozen boneless sweet-bbq Buffalo Wild Wings wings

Case of Yuengling

February 7, 2006

..."That won't get you into heaven, ace"....

Last Meal: Benner had a final meal request of four bacon cheeseburgers on toasted buns, with green peppers, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise; a baked potato with butter and sour cream; french fries; onion rings; macaroni and cheese; chef salad with creamy Italian dressing; blueberry pie with chocolate ice cream; iced tea; and a Coke.

The skinny: Benner was executed for the raping and killing of two women 20 years ago.

More skinny: On Jan. 1, 1986, Benner kidnapped, raped and strangled the 21-year-old woman, leaving her body in the trunk of her burning car on I-76. It was discovered by her brother and parents who were searching for her. "

Benner also was convicted and sentenced to death for the Aug. 6, 1985, kidnapping, rape and murder of a 26-year old woman, whom he met at a George Thorogood concert. Her decomposing body was found a week later in a wooded area near the concert center.

He also was convicted for raping and choking two other woman before he was captured.

Benner admitted committing horrific crimes while under the influence of drugs.

Leading up to:
For the first time ever, prison officials allowed a face-to-face meeting in the Death House between the condemned man and a family member of a victim. Benner talked for about 15 minutes beginning at 8 a.m. with Rodney Bowser, a brother of one of the victims.

Prisons spokesman Andrea Dean described the cell-front meeting as calm. She said Bowser, who was a childhood friend of Benner, "had some personal questions he wanted answered and the inmate answered.

Benner had refused to ask for his life to be spared because he said the process does not consider whether a person changes in prison.

Last words and such: In a final statement while strapped to the lethal injection table, Benner addressed the victim's famlies. "I just need you to give me two seconds. I have been going over and over in my head trying to think of the words I can say to you that would ease the unimaginable pain that you have been going through for 20 years because of my actions. I'm sorry. Trina and Cynthia were beautiful girls who dind't deserve what I did to them. They are in a better place. Words seem so futile. All I can say is I'm sorry. May God give you peace."

"That won't get you into heaven, ace," said Timothy Bowser, a brother of one of victims who was a witness.

Factoids: Benner was the....

6th murderer executed in U.S. in 2006
1010th murderer executed in U.S. since 1976
1st murderer executed in Ohio in 2006
20th murderer executed in Ohio since 1976