Thursday, April 17, 2003


Sonic seems to be the favorite fast food for the denizens of DME....

Jennifer has a special place in our heart, she was our first "last mealer" after the Houston Chronicle article appeared....her meal...

jennifer r. from houston, texas, april 17, 2003

the menu: a route 44 vanilla dr. pepper from sonic, chocolate milk, biggie sized freedom fries from wendy's, 2 loaves of bread from zio's with lots of butter, chicken fajitas with homemade tortillas, chips & hot sauce, bacon burger with ranch dressing, warm chocolate chip cookies with vanilla bean ice cream, some leftover cookie dough

More Sonic from Katrena....

katrena a.. from parts unknown, april 17, 2003

the menu: 1 Cheese and black olive pizza, 1 super sonic bacon cheeseburger (from Sonic), 1 bowl of refried beans with 2 Beano pills on the side, 4 pitted prunes--warm, 2 crackers, no salt, 1 container of fat free cool whip, 2 heals of wheat bread, Dessert: half chocolate cream and half lemon ice box pie (just like Mom use to make), 1 dozen bran muffins

And b. (aunt?) from parts unknown goes for some goose...grey goose....

b from parts unkown, april 17, 2003

the menu: shrimp and lobster with alfredo sauce over fettucini, 1 can of jolt cola, 1 bottle of ice cold vanilla coke, a bowl of gumbo, buttermilk biscuits, a bottle of grey goose vodka, a mudslide, brownies and chocolate icecream, and eggroll, a salad with honey mustard dressing, garlic bread, and kraft macaroni and cheese, yummy! (a note from b: i really don't think i could eat all of this anyway)

April 17, 2003

Box Cutter Larry...

Last Meal: Jackson requested a last meal of fried fish with sauce, a fried chicken sandwich, a steak sandwich with french fries, ice cream and a 7-up.

The skinny: Jackson was executed for slashing his girlfriend to death with a box cutter after escaping from a prison work program. Jackson was serving a 30-year prison term for second-degree murder when he walked away from a prison work program and left with the victim. They drove around the Oklahoma City metro area before going to a motel, where she was found dead with more than 30 stab and slash wounds. Authorities say she was killed because she was ending her relationship with Jackson and wasn't going to help his effort to win parole. Jackson claimed to have blacked out at the time of the murder.

The state provides a murder weapon: The victim was stabbed and slashed with a box cutter knife that prison officials had given Jackson to open boxes of furniture he was helping install in a state office building.

Last Words and such: "I'm sorry for everything I've brought upon her. I'm sorry for the pain and sorrow I've brought upon her, her family and her kids," Jackson said, "I want to say I'm sorry. That's all I can say."

Factoids: Jackson was helping install furniture in the Jim Thorpe Building.

Jackson's escape and the escape a week earlier of another convicted killer caused the then-gov. to order the state corrections department to transfer all murderers from minimum security.

Monday, April 14, 2003

The last meals keep rolling, we are jacking it up to three at a time until we catch up....

Dana W. of Alabama...brings our first turnips in any form.

Homemade macaroni & cheese, squash casserole, turnip greens cooked w/ham hock, crab cakes with lemon butter buerre blanc, fillet of broiled grouper stuffed w/scallops & shrimp, toasted french bread, a ripe avacado, a fifth of crown, a lime, a six pack of coke, a pack of parliment lights & a box of wooden matches...


Matthew F. from Camas, Washington....Yoohoo! No turnips.6 original White Castle hamburgers, a large Schlotzkey's original with extra cheese and onions, a large order of freedom fries with fry sauce, a can of Pepsi, a can of Coke, a Yoohoo, one box of Poppycock and a container of Almond Roca.


From Rufus in the Bible Belt: With a very un-Bible like meal. I have become comfortable numb....

crab cakes w/tarter sauce, freedom fries (so what if I wasn't the first), cheese whopper w/no onions, ruffles chips w/french onion dip, blackberry pie w/vanilla ice cream, two scrambled eggs w/cream cheese and two pieces of rye toast, chef salad w/plenty of rare roast beef and blue cheese dressing, twelve pack of busch light, two marlboros, one camel and one Kool, one reefer, three klonopins (2 mg.)

Dateline: Cuba

The highlights.....

Cuba Executes Men Charged in Hijacking

HAVANA - Fidel Castro's government sent three men who hijacked a ferry to a firing squad, quickly executing them in a chilling message to anyone else who tries to commandeer a boat or plane to the United States.

The executions at dawn Friday followed a series of hijacking attempts, but also coincided with an islandwide crackdown on dissidents.

A court sentenced the men to death on Tuesday after finding them guilty of "very grave acts of terrorism," said a statement read on state television at midday Friday.

...In Washington, the State Department condemned the hijackings but expressed concern that the cases may have been handled in a summary fashion. A statement said that such proceedings "are the hallmark of a totalitarian dictatorship like Cuba."

....Capital punishment in Cuba is always carried out by firing squad but has been used sparingly in recent years.