Thursday, March 04, 2004


John N. from Tampa Florida,

My last meal would be: 20 packs of grape pop rocks,a 6 pack of jolt cola,1 shot of goldschlager,10 vicodens,and 2 marlboro lights.


Wendi from Chicago...

For starters I'd want Saganaki and cream of chicken rice soup with lots of lemon. Then, a greek salad with lots of dressing and extra feta cheese. For the main course ( courses?) I'd want a pound of snow crab legs, the artichoke and gorgozola stuffed filet mignon from Stega Nona..... as bloody as it can get, a 6 inch tuna sub from subway with lettuce, tomato, pickles, cucumbers, black olives, onion, cheese, mayo, mustard, red wine vinagrette dressing and extra vinegar, an egg mcmuffin, beef rice a roni, kraft macaroni and cheese, an order of nachos from ranalli's extra sour cream, no beans, 1 warm blueberry waffle ( the frozen kind) with butter and syrup, and for dessert, fresh raspberries with whipped cream, 6 double stuffed oreos, 2 krispy kreme glazed donuts, 1 warm brownie and piece of cake with lots and lots of buttercream. And to wash it down and endless supply of Sprecher's root cold. And of course a few soma and valium to make it fun.


Rick G. from parts unknown...

Large bowl of cooked cabbage
Large bowl of sour kraut
2 large bowls of bbq baked beans
2 large bowls of chili
Bowl of Garlic Broccoli
4 chili cheese burritos from Taco Bell
4 big bean burritos from Taco Bell
2 Whoppers from Burger King
1/2 gallon Chocolate Milk
1/2 gallon Egg Nogg

If I had to suffer through an execution, everybody else should too!


Bruisd P. from parts unknown..

breakfast: lucky charms and milk...and a glass of orange juice
lunch(?): frosted mini-whats (dry)...wheat melba toast and gouda cheese...and lots of water
dinner: 4 spring rolls and a vietnamese peanut sauce...and lemonade


Toeknee from Poway, California and this is what I have on my birthday!

Turkey sandwich, with MELTED jack cheese on an onion roll, with tomato and mayonaise. Home fried potatoes, and onion rings. Spinach ravioli with butter sauce. Peanut butter chocolate milkshake.

March 3, 2004

Number 9, Number 9, Number 9, Number 900....

Last Meal: chicken fried steak with cream gravy, macaroni and cheese, fried okra, one slice of cheesecake with whipped cream and sprinkled pecans, one slice of pecan pie and apple juice.

The skinny: Marcus Cotton, 29, was executed for the shooting death of an assistant district attorney.

Although Cotton repeatedly denied shooting the man, tips led police to him, and he was arrested at his girlfriend's home about a week after the slaying.

The victim was one of two men confronted by robbers that night, and testimony revealed that he was shot after Cotton saw his prosecutor's badge. The victim was found dead in the back seat, shot twice in the head.

Witnesses told police that Cotton had bragged about "shooting the law," after seeing the man's badge.

Cotton was tried twice for the slaying, and the first trial was declared a mistrial when a juror refused to even discuss the case with the others, shouting profanity and at one point blurting out an anti-Semitic remark.

He had pleaded guilty earlier to attempted murder for shooting a man at a Houston apartment complex, had served four years of a six-year term and was released under mandatory supervision.

On the day he killed, Cotton's parole officer received approval to place an electronic monitor on Cotton's ankle.

Cotton had an extensive criminal record for theft and drug dealing. He said one of his heroes was the Miami drug lord played by Al Pacino in the violent 1980s movie "Scarface."

The second gunman, Lawrence Watson, testified against Cotton in exchange for a 10-year prison term. Both had ridden their bicycles to the community center.

Words from Death Row... "I was not there," Cotton, insisted recently from the visiting area of Texas' death row. "I don't have any remorse because I didn't do it." Asked where he was that night, he replied: "I have no alibi. I don't know. I'd just done 4 1/2 years in prison and I wanted to be alone. Nine times out of 10, I was in my apartment." A former security guard also testified she saw Cotton point a gun at the victim. "I'm not saying these people didn't see what they saw," Cotton said. "I'm saying it wasn't me."

Last words and such: "Well Mom, sometimes it works out like this," Cotton said. "Love life, live long. When you're dealing with reality, real is not always what you want it to be.

"Take care of yourselves. I love you," he said. "Tell my kids I love them. God is real. Y' all are fixing to find out some deep things that are real. Bounce back, baby. You know what I'm saying."


Cotton was the...
15th murderer executed in U.S. in 2004
900th murderer executed in U.S. since 1976
8th murderer executed in Texas in 2004
321st murderer executed in Texas since 1976

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

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The final meal request of Marcus Cotton, Texas, March 3, 2004.

Chicken fried steak with cream gravy, macaroni with cheese, fried okra, one slice of cheesecake with whipped cream and sprinkled pecans, one slice of pecan pie and apple juice.

A complete summary will follow shortly.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004


The skinny: : Utah May Drop Execution by Firing Squad

Utah lawmakers sent the governor a bill Friday to eliminate firing squad executions and deny killers the chance to 'go out in a blaze of glory.' However, four death row inmates who have already chosen to die in a hail of bullets will get their way.

The House gave final approval to the measure, which would change Utah's method of execution to lethal injection.

During the Senate debate on Thursday, Sen. Ron Allen, a Democrat, said allowing murderers to choose firing squads so they can 'go out in a blaze of glory' makes heroes of criminals and causes victims' families more pain.

But Sen. Dave Thomas, a Republican, argued that media circuses are 'exactly what we want' in executions.

'We don't want these sentences to be carried out in the dead of night so no one knos,' said Thomas, adding that lethal injection is painless and 'the easy way out.'

Since the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated capital punishment in 1976, two people in the United States have died by firing squad, both in Utah: Gary Gilmore in 1977 and John Albert Taylor in 1996.

A relic of its territorial days, Utah's firing squads employ five riflemen, one of whom shoots a blank so none will know who fired the fatal shot.

Idaho and Oklahoma retain the firing squad on their books as an option but have not used it in modern times.


S, Los Angeles CA
My Last Meal: An ED roll (calamari) chopped, Baked halibut over steamed vegetables from Spain's Moonlight resturante (by the Alhambra), Fine Sangria from Andalucia, Almond Roca, Fried Green Tea icecream


Tamara in Houston, Tx:

A huge waffle from Amy Ruth’s, Ultimate Cheeseburger, large McDonald Fries, a coke, Avocado eggrolls from the Cheesecake Factory, rum raisin ice cream & 1 slice of hamburger & black olive pizza from Papa Johns, General Tso’s chicken & steamed white rice! YUM!


Sass from Santa Monica

If I could have alcohol, I’d like to start off with a pitcher of white Sangria (with fruit in the glass to stir around and chew on while I got sloshed)…

Instead I’ll have:

A perfect egg sandwich: 2 eggs scrambled w/ Velveeta between two slices of rye toast, 1 buttered with a slice of fried ham on it, and the other smeared with whipped Philly cream cheese, sprinkled w/ Jane’s Crazy Mixed Up Salt.
A wheel of room-temp (runny) brie served with fig preserves, salted roasted almonds, a head of roasted garlic dripping with truffle oil, and wheat crackers;
Lobster (tail meat only, and plenty of it) w/ melted, clarified butter.
French onion soup w/ LOTS of cheese;
1 twelve pack of ICE COLD cans (12 oz.) Diet Sprite;
1 LARGE box of Stouffer’s Mac & Cheese (done so the edges are crispy) with Heinz ketchup.
1 A&W Root Beer float with Breyer’s Vanilla Bean ice cream and a straw;
2 Chicken Cosmo sandwiches from the Penn State University food halls with extra pickles;
3 slices from the Pizza House where I grew up (Ambridge, PA) – extra cheesy, Sicilian crust, with sliced fresh mushrooms;
2 Beef MexiMelts (Taco Bell) with sour cream;
Buttered wide egg noodles with cottage cheese;
Bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal with whole milk and sliced banana;
1 Medium order of McDonald’s French fries (more Heinz ketchup);
Pint of homemade Butter Pecan ice cream;
Slice of almond cheesecake with cherry pie filing on top;
1/2 lb. bag of peanut M&M’s;
Marzipan in the shape of a strawberry – 2 pieces;
3 Krispy Kreme chocolate iced, custard-filled doughnuts;
3 pieces Rocher (Hazelnut & chocolate candies);
Handful of my best friend’s chocolate chip cookies with nuts;
1 huge, perfectly ripe peach;
1 fortune cookie – fortune MUST be fortuitous;
Gallon pitcher of southern-style ‘sweet tea’ (with lemon and mint) to wash it all down with;
3 Cinnamon Altoids…
and 6 Vicodin –
Nighty night!

(Wonder what the calorie, fat and carb counts would be on all that?!)


MLS from Houston, Texas

Appetizer: Piping hot escargot.
Salad: Grilled shrimp Caesar Salad with extra Dressing
Main: Fresh Maine Lobster with x-tra drawn butter, shrimp scampi & Chicken (from a happy chicken farm) Cordon Bleu (extra swiss)
Sides: Garlic roasted mashed potato, asparagus with hollandaise sauce & Sautéed Mushrooms (loaded with garlic & onion)
Dessert: Crème Brule

I know you are not allowed alcohol, however, I would lower my standards (I am about to be killed so who cares?) and offer the warden some hot sex in exchange for one bottle of Merlot and some Xanax.


Monica C. New Mexico

2 sausage McMuffins with egg and cheese, Snickers bar and a large Dr. Pepper. Med. Pizza Hut pan pizza with
breakfast bacon, green chile (new mexico), and mushrooms, 2 liter of Pepsi and 2 chicken breasts from
KFC--one original, one extra crispy. 1 Large bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos with jalapeno bean dip. 2 Slippery
nipples--butter shots and Baileys and an Oreo pie crust.


Jug from Down Under

hot moreton bay bugs and prawns with a garlic dip,a bag of doritos corn chips (1 bag of each flavour)greek sald(plenty of black olives and feta cheese)a bag of spring onion crisps,home made lentil soup(like my mum makes)a joint and a bottle of vodka to wash it all down.oh and gallons of irn bru to mix with the vodka!plenty of ice
and ill pass on the dessert as im watching my waistline!!


Nicole , Elmwood Park, NJ

1. One 7lb Lobster from Maine complete with a large bowl of hot melted butter
2. 6 Pillsbury flaky layered biscuits
3. 2 Big Macs
4. 2 Super size fries from Mc Donalds
5. 4 pieces of sushi
6. Small bowl of cream of broccolli soup
7. 2 Hot Dogs with chili, cheese, ketchup, mustard, relish, and kraut
8. 6 Jumbo shrimp cocktail
9. 6 Buttermilk pancakes, 3 fried eggs, 6 strips bacon, 2 slice toast, 4 cheese blintzes. Dont forget extra butter, extra mapple syrup!!!
10. 2 home baked brownies-no nuts
11. 1 slice pecan pie
12. 1 giant wedge of baklava
13. 4 Portugeuse pastry
14. 1 slice cherry cheesecake from Juniors
15. 1 can whipped cream
16. Bagel with cram cheese side of Nova Lox
17. 2 large smoked whiting fish
18. 1 pond of Godiva chocolate truffles
19. 1 Beef Gyro
20. Gallon of milk
21. 2 Bottles Diet Pepsi
22. 2 Bottles Mountin Dew Code Red
23. 1 Bottle Canada Dry Gingerale
24. 6 Cans welchs strawberry soda
25. 1 Slice cheese pizza with sausage
26. 1 bag baby carrots
27. Box of creamed spinach
28. 3 cups hot chocolate
29. 1 entemans black out cake
30. Side of Justice
31. 6 Joints
32. Bottle of Baileys with plenty of hot tea and sweet and low

Monday, March 01, 2004


Richard B. - Houston, Texas

Fillet Mignon - Medium Rare, thank you! Boiled Maine Lobster, boiled potatoes and corn, 1 gallon of drawn butter, 64 oz. of New England seafood chowder, and a fifth of Jack Daniel's
to help wash it all down and soothe my nerves...then, a stay of execution that lasts long enough for me to get, yet, another final meal! YAY!


Lisa D. of parts unknown....

Olive Garden stuffed mushrooms, Hooters Hot Wings, Olive Garden Manicotti, Pizza Hut Ham and Pinapple Pizza, Carvel Ice Cream Cake, a bowl of gumbo complete with king crab legs, shrimp, chicken, sausage, okra, corn, etc.
After a big dump and a short nap, I'll have: Lobster tails with butter garlic sauce, shrimp fried rice, fried red snapper fish, Philly cheese steak (from philadelphia; no substitutes), a nice hot peach cobbler (made by an old African-American lady from the deep south; no substitutes) topped with Breyer's Vanilla Ice cream, Iced Tea with Lemon (pitcher, with lotsa ice), and ice cold milk...


Roger from Virginia (we're #2 in executions, keep looking over your shoulder, Texas)

The menu: Two dozen freshly steamed oysters on the half-shell with saltines and hot cocktail sauce, hush puppies (don't forget the onions), a big plate of dripping french fries (damn the fat grams, I'll be losing that 21 grams soon anyway), a six-pack of ice cold Dos Equis and I'm ready to go.


From Andrea in Kentucky...

Oysters on the half shell with Blair's death sauce and lemon on the side, Crab legs with garlic/butter dipping sauce, A baguette of french bread, Warmed brie cheese, A Cuban cigar, A gallon of Merlot


Now for something completely different...

JIMMY the Rude Boy from parts unknown...

A 1/4 pound Cameron Diaz fur burger, Roasted breast of Reese Witherspoon, with a side of toasted Heather Grahams. And for desert a chocolate malted milkshake with peanut butter/chocolate icecream.

As a gainfully employed single man, these stories about women hooking up with death row murderers make me think that my attempts at internet dating have been a big waste. Perhaps I should whack a couple of guys and then I could meet the girl of my dreams. While I ponder that, enjoy this story of the Scottish Lass and her fiancee...

Some of the highlights from the article in the Mirror...


By David Edwards

KAREN Torley shook uncontrollably as the prison door slammed shut behind her.

Sitting in the booth next to her, a man wept openly as he begged his son not to give up hope.

To her left, a woman told her brother how the lawyers were doing everything to get him off Death Row.

But Karen had travelled from Glasgow not to comfort a son or brother but to meet her fiance, convicted murderer Kenny Richey, for the first time.

"All I wanted to do was run away because the place was so very, very intimidating," says Karen, 40.

"I kept thinking: 'Why am I here? I've accepted a marriage proposal from a man I've never met before who's been on Death Row for the past 11 years.'"

But before she could leave, inmate A194764 was led into the room. Cuffed, shackled and wearing an orange prison jumpsuit, he sat down in front of her behind the inch-thick glass screen and picked up the phone to speak.

Karen says: "One of the first things he said was: 'Do you think I'm someone you would like to spend the rest of your life with? Because I want to spend my life with you', and I just said: 'Yes.'

"It sounds strange but we just clicked, it was like we'd known each other for ever."

Kenny, who grew up in Scotland, has been on Death Row in Ohio since 1987, when he was convicted of murdering a two-year-old in an arson attack on his ex-girlfriend's home. He is due to be killed by lethal injection. It could happen within months and now Karen is stepping up her campaign to have him freed.

Karen had just separated from Frank, her husband of 15 years, when she became interested in Kenny's plight in 1995.

"I'd seen him a few years before on TV saying he was innocent and I just thought: 'Yeah, they all say that', but I thought I'd write to him," she says.

"I just wanted to be a friend to someone who was going to die anyway. Then I started reading up on him and couldn't believe how unjust his conviction was."

Karen says: "I wrote to him and told him a little bit about me and soon we were writing back and forth. I'd be telling him about my life, like how I failed my driving test and what kind of music I liked.

"What he really liked were just everyday pictures of things, like my car. He also liked till receipts, to see how much everything cost - just bits and pieces to remind him of home.

Follow the link for more of this inspirational tale of a love that will not be denied. Death of a 2-year old notwithstanding.


From correspondents in Amman
Jordanian woman hanged twice

A JORDANIAN woman convicted of murdering two children was hanged twice today after the rope broke the first time because of her weight, police officials said.

I'tisam Hussein, 21, fell to the ground when the rope broke but did not fracture any bones, said one of the officials who attended the execution. She was frightened and in pain, but was not given any sedatives, he said, on condition of anonymity.

The rope was changed and she was hanged within the hour, after a delay as prison wardens tried to calm her down.

It was the second strange hanging incident in Jordan since 1997, when the head of another woman convict split from her body during execution.